Think Pink

I went to Primark for a ‘browse’ recently and accidentally ended up picking up a few things but, hey, it’s Primark and, as you can see from the price stickers, it didn’t exactly break the bank! 

I’m super excited to try the highlighter-pink nail polish in particular. I’ve wanted a neon polish for ages now and, despite my supposed nail polish ban which I think I told you about not even than long ago here, for £1 I just couldn’t resist. The handy dandy rubber coin purse is because I’m sick of digging through old receipts and bank notes (yeah right, I wish!) to retrieve my shrapnel so I’m officially divorcing them from the rest of my purse. Exfoliating gloves are a godsend for year-round skin buffing and I’ve found that white ones get embarrassingly grubby no matter how clean you may be so finding these hot pink ones at a steal price was a super score.

P.S. I’m fully aware that the coin purse is more coral/orange rather than pink as the title of this post suggests, but it’s 11.45 at night and I needed a somewhat clever title soooo, I cheated. I have this weird compulsion to try to come up with snappy blog post titles even though it’s just a pain in the arse really and ‘Pink-ish stuff I bought from Primark’ would probably be just as inviting. But you know when you start doing something and then you wish you never had because it becomes too much effort to upkeep but now that you’ve started it you don’t want to stop and waste all of your past efforts and yes I know that this sentence is far too long but I hate grammar more than I hate making snappy blog titles. So there :P.

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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