Bananas for Cabana!

Yesterday, after we worked up an appetite taking outfit pictures in the Olympic Park, we took a jolly two minute jaunt over to Westfield to grab some grub. Al fresco might I add – waheyyy! Summer is coming!!!

My boyfriend had a hankering for a burger so we ended up at a Brazilian restaurant called Cabana – no, I don’t understand that choice either. I wasn’t complaining though, I love love love Latino food so I knew I’d find something to my liking on the menu and boy was I right!

We started with a portion of the Crispy Cheese Pockets each and they were every bit as delicious as they sound; deep fried, crispy pastry filled with hot, gooey cheese and served with salsa. Amazing. My only complaint is that the portion was too small! I could have eaten two more and, for £4.95, the portion did seem a tad stingy, but delicious all the same!

For my main course I opted for the Spicy Malagueta Chicken Burger. A mountain of sticky chicken served with avocado and chilli mayo in a soft brioche bun. This was definitely a knife and fork jobbie but I prefer to eat burgers that way anyway – much neater! This was delicious, best burger I’ve had in ages and the brioche bun was a lovely touch. The bread was really light and easy to eat so it didn’t feel like it was adding a load of unnecessary stodge to the meal. The burger is £8.95 and you have to order fries as extra for £3.45 which is, again, a bit cheeky – I mean who ever orders a burger without fries? But, at £12.45 in total for the main meal that’s really not bad.

My boyfriend also made the smart move of ordering the homemade mango coleslaw (peeking in the back of the photo there) which, once you get over the initial shock of mango in a savoury dish, was absolutely delicious – highly recommend!

When I ventured a peek at the dessert menu, knowing full well that I was fully satisfied (an inevitable move at the end of any meal I’m sure you’ll agree), I knew I had to give in and find room for more. I found myself faced with the most impressive selection of decadent desserts I’ve seen in a long time. Note: Purely for us sweet-toothers only. Fruit lovers – beware! There is nowt for you here.

 I had the choice of either peanut butter or caramel flavoured frozen yoghurt with a – get this – complimentary selection of terrific toppings from crushed oreos and peanut brittle to chocolate sauce and “Brigadiero” truffles. No, I don’t know what these are but they sound damn good. My eyes then wandered further down the page past chocolate sundaes and banana caramel cheesecake to find the magic word, “Nutella”. More specifically, the Banana and Nutella Pastel. In Cabana’s own words: “Two crisp, pastries oozing with hot Nutella and banana, with a ball of vanilla ice cream”. Choice made. 

Safe to say this option did not disappoint. Despite the greedy guts in me looking sceptically at the dish when it arrived and thinking, “Oh no, I’ll polish those little things off in two seconds flat”, (no dirty puns thanks!), I actually found it to be the perfect portion size. The combination of Nutella and banana is rather rich to say the least so I think a portion any bigger than this would have become a bit sickly, especially following two other courses.

The Verdict

The total bill came to £51 for two people covering three courses each, a beer and a fresh lemonade. Nto bad at all. The lovely waitress who served us was even kind enough to deduct both of the desserts from the bill (making it £41) after we had to wait a little for one of them. This was a nice surprise, especially as they were very busy, what with it being the one sunny day a year we get in England, and I’ve waited a lot longer for meals before with no acknowledgement of the wait. 

All in all, it was a really great experience and definitely a chain that I’ll be adding to my regular roster. They’ve only got a handle of restaurants across London but they’re all in the right places i.e in major shopping areas. Perfectly placed for a post-shopping refuel. Check out the list of locations here. If you do go please do let me know in the comments below or on Twitter. I’d love to hear that my recommendation has helped someone out! In the meantime stayed tuned for more restaurant reviews of this type and also let me know if there’s anywhere that you’d like me to check out. I hear Burger and Lobster is supposed to be really good so I’d like to get over there soon – watch this space!

Okay, totally unrelated but had to mention this – I’ve been watching Made in Chelsea whilst writing this blog post and Oh. Em. Gee. What a slap! Alex is suchhh a douche! Spencer, on the other hand, is what a douche would use to douche. Okay, so that doesn’t reeeally make sense but you get the gist. He sucks. Just felt the need to get that off my chest!

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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