First Signs of Summerrrr!!!

 Hello! I really hope that, wherever you are, the sunshine reached you today and you were able to enjoy it. My boyfriend and I headed down to the Olympic Park in Stratford as we’ve never been and while I was there we took some outfit pictures. This is what I wore today, click the link below to see more pictures after the jump!

Top: H&M (old), Shorts: Zara (old) similar here, Shoes: here,
Bag: H&M (in-store only now), Watch: here, Bracelet: here, Sunglasses (old): similar here

Initially I’d wanted to dress a little more casually in my Nike Air Max, shorts and a tee but, me being me, I started obsessing about how “if I only had ____ this outfit would be perfect” and “I just wish I had _____ to set it all off…” etc so I kept swapping parts of my outfit, as I so often do, and by the time I was finished I was wearing this. 

I do like it though. The peplum top, from H&M, features such a beautiful watercolour floral print – and this is coming from somebody who generally dislikes floral prints. I think it’s the pops of neons and pretty purples against the white that really set it off. I also love that it’s made of scuba material because it never needs ironing (what can I say – I’m lazy!) and the peplum is always beautifully pronounced like it should be. I think all peplum tops should be made in scuba! 

By the way I’ve realised that the peplum shape is definitely flattering if you want to offset wider hips and/or thighs. I don’t have a problem with my hips as such but I’m a subtle pear shape so, in certain outfits like short-shorts, I can look a bit thigh-heavy as it’s the widest part of my body. A peplum detracts from this by making my thighs look slim in comparison with the exaggerated hem which is just lovely :). This also works for wide hips because it covers them, making it appear as though it’s just the peplum making that area look wide and leaving strangers to image your hips underneath being much smaller than the peplum top – rather ideal! 

Right, I am off to Bedfordshire (English slang for bed). Thank you so much for giving this a read. I still have more Paris pics to post as well as the rest of the outfit pictures from my last post so check back soon! 

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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