Gimme Some Sun!

I was totally not expecting that beautiful burst of sunshine we got last Sunday so when it came to picking and outfit I was totally unprepared. I must have wasted at least half an hour going from maxi skirt to shorts and back choosing what to wear so I’ve decided that for next time I’m going to have an outfit ready! This is what I’ll be wearing next time it’s sunny:

T-Shirt: Ebay, Watch: here, Shorts: here, Bag: here, Trainers: Nike Air Max 90s

You can guarantee that if if the weather is warm I’ll be out about walking in the sunshine (my flat doesn’t have a garden so sunshine always equals day trip) so I’ll be reaching for my trusty Air Max 90s to make sure that I stay comfy. 90s is definitely my favourite fashion era so I love that these are back in style – yay for comfortable trends! A fresh white tee tucked into high waisted shorts screams summer and makes me think of lazy days spent in the park followed by boozy BBQs with friends – literally my perfect summer’s day. 

When I first saw these slogan t-shirts popping up I found them a tad tacky but they’ve totally grown on me as do 90% of the trends that offend me at first (some fashion blogger eh?). This means that I’m often slow on the uptake in terms of jumping on the trend bandwagon. I’d like to say that I’m so incredibly cool that I don’t care about being the first to be seen in the latest fashion, and to an extent I don’t but every now and then it is cool when something that you like become a hit. But because I’m no Mrs. Moneybags I just prefer to take my time and think carefully about my purchases so that when I do indulge in a trend I don’t end up regretting it – Baby Gs anyone? So anyway, the slogan tees yes, long story not so short – I love them now. Well, if I can’t own an actual Celine bag I’ll at least allude to it with a t-shirt – that’s the poor girl’s mantra right?

Speaking of Celine, since I can’t afford the real deal (did I mention that already??) I’ll happily accept H&M’s nod to the classic. I am really into the trapezium shape that this season’s bag are leaning towards. It’s a refreshing change from the usual rectangle and I find the extra angles very feminine-looking somehow. I’m sure Freud would say it’s to do with the sides of the bag resembling the shape of a woman’s hips or something… Anyway, I digress.

 Last but by no means at all least, if I’ve got my arms on show then some arm candy is always a must so for this I call on the mighty Mr. Michael Kors. Of course any of the other oversized gold toned watches on the high street would work wonderfully well and I’ve seen some very attractive versions of this particular watch so there’s no need to break the bank if you haven’t already.

I hope that this has given you some ideas for summer styling. I really like doing these ‘ideal outfit’ posts because I love styling things and doing it without the restraints of a real-life wardrobe (and the budget that comes attached) means that I can style my perfect outfits without limitations. It’s like someone has let me loose in a wardrobe that has literally every piece of clothing ever made. (Although I try to be a bit sensible otherwise every outfit I made would most definitely feature a Chanel Flap Bag and a pair of Louboutins – not all that helpful to the average Joe!). 

Right, as usual it is stupid o’clock and I am shattered so I’m off! Blogging late today (or early depending on how you look at it) because I took some outfit, nail colour and makeup pictures and also made a cool little Instagram video earlier so expect to see all of those popping up soon. Right, I’m going to bed. Night night! xx

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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