My April Favourites

Hello All!

Did you catch my April favourites video that I posted to my YouTube channel?

I probably won’t film a May favourites video as all of my favourites are still the same this month, but fear not! I’ll be sure to film something else instead. I’m really getting into the swing of filming videos in my (not so) new flat and I have sooo many video ideas from fun posts like this to beauty, fashion and food posts.

Speaking of which, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll have just read that I have a hankering for chocolate muffins but we don’t have any so I’ve made my own and am winging the recipe. If they turn out any good I’ll do a recipe post on here. They smell pretty amazing right now – fingers crossed!

If there are any particular videos you’d like to see me to film let me know ;).

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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