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As much as I like writing about affordable fashions, what girl doesn’t enjoy the lusting over the odd luxury item every now and then? I was out to dinner on Tuesday (no pictures this time as the meal didn’t look that great although it tasted amazing) and I looked down only to see that one of my best friends was sporting the ‘it’ bag of the summer, and my latest ‘I spy’ favourite, the Michael Kors Selma. 

Michael Kors Selma jewelled satchel available here

In actuality Kors’ latest offering, the Sophie, is supposed to be the it bag of the moment but I’ve definitely seen more Selma’s about this season. Not surprising as it has been the luxury line’s best-selling style for quite some time and it seems that this summer it’s set to be an even bigger hit.  The main draw for this bag, aside from the beautiful structured shape and practical shoulder strap is definitely the price tag.

At a cool £315 it’s definitely a lot cheaper than the it bags of seasons passed – Celine Luggage Tote anyone? Don’t get me wrong, £315 isn’t exactly pocket change as has been suggested by some (presumably rich) loons, but it’s a little easier to swallow than the £1,500 and upwards that most luxury fashion brands are demanding for their most popular styles. I feel like, at that price point, it’s something that some of us could perhaps dream about owning one day if we saved really hard for a year and forgave a summer holiday perhaps. Not that I would personally ever choose a handbag over a week on a sunny beach but if that’s the type of thing that makes you happy then it’s attainable if you’re willing to make sacrifices. To demonstrate I’ve listed a few things that one would need to forgo to save up for the Selma. Now this list will either delight you at the idea that you might actually be able to afford the bag if you make a few small sacrifices for a limited time or horrify you at the thought of what more sensible items the money people spend on designer handbags could buy. Let’s check it out; at £315 the Selma would cost you….

6 months of weekday morning Medio Cappuccinos from Costa 
10 nights out on the town (spending £30 each time)
3 months of weekday shop-bought lunches (e.g. a Pret halloumi wrap and popcorn bag)
32 Chinese food takeaways (spending £10 on each)
12 dinners (spending £25 each time)
21 sets of Shellac nails
1 weekend city break with the girls + spending money

If the thought of giving up any of the above makes you want to cry yet you still can’t let go of the idea of owning your very own Selma, you might be interested to know that Michael Kors also have the baby version of the bag, the Selma Mini cross-body satchel, for a more swallowable £140. Still not chump change but again, compared to others on the market it qualifies as a steal.

Michael Kors Selma mini messenger satchel.

Get yours here

I’m very sad to say that I won’t be adding this beautiful bag to my collection anytime soon for many reasons. The main of which is that I have already forgiven all most of the above expenses this year in the name of fashion/blogging/travelling so it would still probably take me about 5 years to save up for the bag by which time we’d all be lusting over something newer, shinier and no doubt much more expensive. This fact, however, did not stop me from just wasting about 20 minutes scrolling through pictures of the bag on Pinterest and deciding which colour would be most practical for me. That is until I snapped back to reality and remembered that I absolutely do not have enough money for it.

I think that if, like me, you just can’t afford these ‘it’ items that are constantly dangled under our noses then the only way around luxury lust is to focus on the really great original pieces that the high street has to offer. Many of which I fully intend on featuring here on my blog by way of a healthy distraction to us financially challenged fashion lovers.

The other option is to invest in a looked-likey piece. My newest handbag from H&M looks very similar to the Michael Kors Selma – a happy accident on my part as I was still in full Celine lust mode when I purchased this and, while I was aware of the Selma, it hadn’t really caught my eye yet.

H&M’s version of the bag is much more affordable than the Michael Kors option at just £19.99. It’s actually shocking how similar the two bags look and at a) how people will pay ridiculous prices just to say that they own a designer label (myself included if and when I have the funds) and b) how high street brands can get away with blatantly ripping off closely imitating designer brands. My feelings on this topic are well covered in this blog post so I will just say that if you can’t afford the real deal then H&M’s version, whilst lacking the beautifully sturdy saffiano leather and that oh-so-important gold lettering, is very similar and a great bag for the price. Frustratingly, this bag keeps appearing and disappearing from H&M’s website which suggests that it’s selling out but it’s still in my local H&M so I suggest that if you want it you head to an H&M sharpish!

As for the real deal, who knows… Maybe I can convince my friend Hannah to lend me hers… If you’re reading this Hannah darling, did I mention how incredibly beautiful you looked on Tuesday?

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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