Face of The Day | Thursday 19.06.14

Hi Guys, as promised here is today’s makeup look taken on my new camera!

Eyes – Lids: I’m wearing MAC’s Outre over Inglot Freedom System colour 26 // Crease: Inglot 327 // Lips: Rimmel Vinyl Max lipgloss in Addictive over Laqa&Co. Lil’Lip lipstick in Wolfman

I went for soft pink lips with one of my favourite neutral eye looks; a soft, neutral colour all over the lid, a few shades lighter than the skin, coupled with a dark brown colour blended into the crease. I first noticed this look on a few people on YouTube like TiffanyD and I just love it. It’s subtle enough for work but the contrast of the two colours makes it noticeably bold and when they’re blended well it just looks beautiful. I wanted to keep the lips and cheeks pink to go with this soft look so on my cheeks I just have a hot pink blush blended out a lot to look softer. It’s a cheapie generic one that I got from a market but comparatively it’s very similar colour to MAC’s Dollymix.

I also went for winged eyeliner for a change (not the norm for me), mostly because my distinct lack of eyelashes is really jarring me this week! Not sure why as it’s not like I’ve ever had super long lashes but for some reason it’s just annoying me more right now. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I bought some individual lashes at the weekend so hopefully help is on the way! I had actually planned to put them on tomorrow morning before work but I realised today that I’ve lost my new mascara so I’m not sure what to do now… What do you think? Will I need mascara to blend them or would this make them spidery anyway?  

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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