Ice Ice Baby!

As promised, here is a close up of my pretty nail polish seen in yesterday’s post. Details after the jump!

The colour is Her Majesty by Rimmel and it’s the best metallic shade I’ve ever worn because the colour is so beauty sheeny and consistent and you only need two coats. It has really nice matte-ish finish like real steel but I also think it’d look amazing with a hi-shine top coat over it like my quite frankly amazing Seche Vite top coat bought in Boots. I had a happy styling accident today when I realised my nails matched my top which is a H&M knit with metallic silver thread woven through it. Love it when stuff like that happens! 

Rimmel have a really great range of shades at the moment. I was perusing on my lunch break and took some iPhone photos of some of my favourites shades in the collection so I will post those very soon but first – I must eat! I’m starving but luckily it’s Friday which means takeaway night and my Indian food has just arrived :D:D:D. Happy Friday!

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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