OOTD – Sunsets and Faux Fur

The weather seems to be taking a turn this week in London but I actually don’t mind because it means that I get to break out my winter coats. I’m a bit of winter coat fiend if you haven’t noticed. I think a good quality, structured coat looks so chic. It can make a really basic outfit look put together and slick with so little effort. More pictures of this outfit after the jump –>>

Coat: Mint Velvet, Jumper: H&M, Leggings: Zara

I’m obsessed with layering my jumpers rather than wearing them alone. I think jumpers can be kinda boring on their own so layering them over a longer silk cami like I have here adds a little intrigue as the softer, thinner material is exposed at the bottom. I also like to layer V neck jumpers with shirts underneath and, again, I like to leave the bottom of the shirt untucked. I think the mix of textures is really stylish. I’m also obsessed with any and all zip detail leggings. Zip details add some edge for extra cool factor ;).

This woolly coat from Mint Velvet is my favourite wet weather coat because a. it is so thick and waaaaarm and b. this giant hood is amaze balls. It’s pretty much the only hooded coat I have where the hood is big enough to really cover all of my hair and heavy enough to stay put on a blustery day. There’s nothing worse than battling to hold a hood in place on a rainy, windy day – what’s the point!?!?

This is absolutely my laziest and probably lest favourite hairstyle but my hair takes so long to style sometimes I just have to go with it! On days like this when my hair isn’t working for me I at least like to do darker, sexier makeup to make up for it; smokey eyes and burgundy lips. One of my favourite looks. 

Lipstick: Revlon Black Cherry

I just love the fur trim on this coat. It’s so cosy looking!!! 

I’ve been experimenting with winged eyeliner recently. Still finding ma look!

These pictures came out a little purple/orange/red as the sun was setting while I was taking them but just look how gorgeous it was! 

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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