Paris in Pictures – Day Three

Time for my roundup of my third and final day in beautiful Paris. Details of the day after the jump.

I started day three in Paris by indulging my new-found Starbucks addiction with a delicious caramel coffee frappuccino. (You may be glad to know that I have since kicked the habit – too expensive!)

Then we decided to slowly make our way over the Pont des Arts bridge…

Yet another beautiful statue in Paris. This one was positioned sort of in the middle of street somewhere not particularly prominent which seemed kinda crazy to us as it’s so beautiful. All of the Parisians, who were of course used to seeing it, were just walking past it like it was nothing while we were stood gaping. I’m sorry to say that I still don’t know who it is or what it was commemorating but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

So we finally made it over the the Pont des Arts to join the… thousands? millions?… of couples who had left their locks there. I think it’s such a wonderfully romantic tradition, especially in the modern day when people can be so cold and detached. It reminds me that people can still dare to dream and believe in love.

Our Wilkinson’s lock haha very romantic!

And so we left our lock. I’d love to think that in fifty years time we can go back to this bridge, arm in arm as an elderly couple and find our lock here. How incredibly romantic would that be? ♥ 

To be honest I’m perfectly aware of the unfortunate controversy surrounding the bridge and those who consider it an ‘eyesore’, as well as the fact that the locks are sadly becoming too heavy for the bridge, so it’s likely that our lock will be cut off long before we cold ever return but it’s nice to know that it’s there for the time being anyway.

I love these painted people who stand still in tourist areas pretending to be statues. I could never do it, I am the worst at keeping still. At the opticians when they examine my eye and I have to put my chin on that chin strap thing (technical term) and keep my head still I always shudder and jiggle by accident. The optician is like, “Keep still now please… I said keep still… KEEP STILL!!“. But I just can’t – it’s too much pressure!!

Later that day we did some more wondering and then stopped in the afternoon to enjoy a drink in the sunshine. Paris is the perfect city to just sit and watch the world go by. The beautiful architecture and gardens, the stylish people, hell even the cars in Paris are nice. I am determined to go back and spend some more time there. My favourite city ever.

Beautiful fountains like these are ten a penny in Paris

The architecture of the Louvre and the surrounding buildings is so beautifully intricate. Amazing stone carvings in that beautiful sand colour with their slate roofs. I can’t even begin to imagine how long it took to construct or how magnificent it must look on the inside. Next time I’m in Paris I will definitely allot more time to going around the museums but this time the weather was so beautiful that we just wanted to wander around outside and soak it all in.

Parisian Crepes! After passing up on these on the first morning assuming that they’d be everywhere, I spent the whole of days two and three desperately trying to find them! Finally, on the last day, I has success! They were well worth the wait :).
My boyfriend’s choice. Equally delicious!

Towards the end of the last day the weather did get a bit cooler and, to be quite honest, we were rather exhausted from three days of non-stop walking so we decided to take refuge under the canapé of a little cafe with some warm treats and just be for a while. Be in Paris, be together, be happy

This was, in so many ways, the best trip I have ever been on. Paris more than lived up to its hype turning out to be the most beautiful and charming city I have ever visited and being able to share it with someone I love was amazing. For once everything just seemed to come together to go right on this trip from the gorgeous weather to our accidental and spectacular views of the Eiffel tower sparkling from both the Notre Dame and the restaurant. There is no other way to describe the experience than magical. I’m almost scared to go back in a way as I don’t want anything to mar my view of Paris but I know that that’s a ridiculous reason to deprive myself of such a wondrous city so I have firm plans to return one day in the future. Hopefully for much longer this time.

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