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Hi guys! Back I am and with a new set of outfit pictures for you – the first editorial ones (i.e. not in my bedroom mirror) using my new camera and guess what??? There’s even an editorial outfit of the day video to boot! Yeah, I said it. Editorial video. I know, hold on to your chairs, fancy right? Video and more pictures after the jump! –>>

Okay, so all joking aside this video has been a long time coming and I’m so so proudddd. Fine right, I know what you’re all thinking. “Yes Jade, well done, really, very good but can we please skip to what we’re all thinking here – where oh where did ya get that fetcchhh bag from?!” Well okay, fine, if we must talk about the outfit…

The Bestest Bag in the World Ever: River Island here // Rings: H&M // Nail Colour: A Generic £1 polish (sorry, I’m poor! Well, not poor as such, I just like food. A lot. And if my last £10 can buy me either a name brand nail polish or a Five Guys bacon burger, well, the burger is winning, hands down!) // Watch: Michael Kors (yes, okay, I already acknowledged that I’m not actually poor. Just greedy. It was a gift anway so piss aawwwff!)

Okay, so I must admit, the bag is pretty damn badass. In fact, it’s my favourite piece that I own right now. And that includes my watch. Yeah, I said it. Aside from being the most gorgeous shade of lilac I’ve ever everrr seen, it’s fricking furry!!! In case you hadn’t noticed. And, to top it all off, it has a gold chain strap! Beautiful. I’d love to meet whoever designed this. I’d like to kiss their feet.

When I was out on Saturday night some friends of friends actually came over just to coo over it, and stroke it, and try it on. I’ve never felt so popular in my life haha! Sad times. True story. I’m taking this bag everywhere I go from now on!

Skirt: Boohoo.com here // Shoes: Primark (Oh yeah baby, I got you ;). P.S. Told you I was poor. P.P.S. I’ve got them in red too but, shh, don’t tell.
Well hello shiny face, fancy seeing you here. In my outfit pictures. On my blog. My very very public blog. In my face’s defence it was about 25 degrees on this day. Not the best day to shoot in a PVC skirt but hey, when you work full-time you blog whenever you can! Even if it’s 25 degrees. In a PVC skirt.

Okay, so the height of summer may be a slightly weird time to post about a PVC skirt but, while a little impractical for the current (and very odd although thoroughly appreciated nonetheless) climate, this skirt is perfect for those cooler summer nightswhich is exactly when I’ll be wearing it.

I actually wore it out last Saturday night (with the bag too, basically this outfit but a different top, will show you in another post) and entered my friend’s house to a chorus of ‘ooh’s, ‘wow’s and the odd ‘kinky bitch!’ from my pals haha. An expected reaction when one wears PVC. Depending on who one’s friends are anyway…

This skirt is easy to style with so many different hair and makeup looks because ‘PVC pencil skirt’ is a bit of an oxymoron in itself meaning you can go smart or sexy with it. I decided to style mine with a sleek bun and stiletto sandals to match the ‘smart’ part and then super fun accessories because, hey, it is PVC after all.

I finished off the look with this relaxed fit tee from ASOS which reads ‘fashionista’. Sooo unlike me but you know… I like to surprise. But seriously, my favourite way to wear a pencil skirt is with something really slouch and billowy on top to offset the fitted bottom half (another example here). It makes you look more comfy, cool and chilled overall whilst still maintaining the sex appeal with the skirt.

T-Shirt: ASOS

So, now that you’ve seen the look in pictures, see it in action with my latest outfit of the day video here on my YouTube channel.

I forgot to create a storyboard for this look before we started filming (*cough* let’s just casually overlook the fact that I have a degree in Media here shall we. Anyway, I blame it on my creative vision. I’m far too creative to be constricted by the confines of a petty storyboard…*cough*) which made editing this to fit the music a whoooole lot of fun indeed (no sarcasm here at alllll. I swear).

All this to say that, whilst it’s not my very best work, I’m quite glad with how it turned out given that it’s my first go. It can only get better from here! Unless it gets worse. But it won’t. Well, I suppose it could hypothetically (I mean who am I to predict the future?) but I can say at the very least that that’s very, very doubtful. I hope. Can you tell I’ve had a lot of coffee today? Bye for now!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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