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Back in September I attended an event for Bloggers Fashion Week and I was so busy with Fashion Week stuff at work at the time that I never got around to posting them. I didn’t really know what to expect but the words ‘pre party’ couldn’t be bad and I love being in the city for whatever reason so when I heard that it was being held in Leicester Square I knew I had to go.

The Bloggertini cocktail being served at the event

The event turned out be more of a chilled mixer with advice booths for various skills such a vlogging and photography and a few fashion brands dotted around showingcasing their new collections such as Ellie Air, Syreeta Badu, Vania Couture and Eleanor Linder. It was hosted in the very cool Penthouse London space in the centre of Leicester Square overlooking the city.

They had a sweetie table – always a winner!

Throughout the evening I met lots of really nice bloggers and industry professionals like photographer, Emily Darcy Adams, who gave me some really great tips on how to take great photos with my entry level DSLR as well as some great tips on post production and SEO. She even handed out cheat sheets of tips for SEO which I’ve found really useful – thanks Emily! I also had a great chat with Jessica of Jyukimi who had some great tips about YouTube video production and how to manage my expectations with blogging. After admiring their outfits from across the room, I finally plucked up the courage to go over and compliment Lucy and Becca who were both really sweet and more than happy to chat. The fashion company I was working for ended up gifting Lucy some clothes to wear to fashion week so that was really cool to know the girl behind the outfit.

Getting advice from Diana Kukkar of LDNBloggers
Chatting away with Jessica of Jyukimi
My boyfriend on handbag duty and probably wondering when it would be over!

My outfit for the night. Coat: Mint Velvet // Trousers: Zara //
Shoes: New Look // Hat: Topshop // Watch: Michael Kors

Overall we had a really nice time. I could only attend the Sunday Pre Party event as I had work during the week but, from reading other people’s posts, it seems that they had some really cool things going on the other days like mini catwalk shows and styling workshops. I hope to attend more events like this in the future, especially now I have more freedom with my timetable. They’re such a great opportunity to make new blogger friends and exchange tips. If I hear of any more I’ll make sure to tweet about them to spread the word!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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