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With it being Wednesday, aka ‘Humpday’, I’ve decided to share some little pick-me-ups that I have been relying on lately to get me through to the weekend. I don’t know about you but nothing sets me up for the day better than an indulgent shower with my favourite bath and body goodies.

 Now, like many other girls, while I do love the little luxuries at Lush, I find them on the pricey side and there are times when I just can’t justify spending £5 on shower gel. So imagine my excitement when some aimless lunch break wandering led me to stumble upon these super affordable goodies in none other than dah-dah-dahhh…

Wilkinsons! Yes, it appears that Wilkinsons are upping their bath and body game and have produced their very own extensive line of scented bath and body products at really affordable prices. Each product in this range costs just £1.50, yes you read correctly, £1.50!!! What’s more, they have a ‘3 for 2’ deal across the whole range so you can pick up any three of these products for just £3 – amazing!

Besides the incredible prices, I also love that Wilkinsons have followed the likes of high-end brands such as Victoria’s Secret and have produced a wide variety of scent combinations such as Rhubarb & Vanilla and Blueberry & Grapes, ten to be exact, all of which are available in each body product. Wilkos have everything from bath bombs and adorable animal-shaped bath pearls to face masks and lip balms. Personally I’m a bit of a scent junkie so I went for the ‘one of everything’ approach mixing up the fragrances so that I could indulge in them all, but it you’re picky about scents or find one that you really like, you can stick to that one and get it in everything from your shampoo to your body butter so you can keep experiencing hits of the same delicious scent again and again.

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for packaging and, while these may lack Soap & Glory’s spectacularity of pretty pastel pinks, I do love the bright colours and how the see-through packaging on most of them allows you to get a sneak peek at the gooey goodness inside. They even have an adorable mini bath tub, also available in pink, so that you can house all of your bath goodies in a practical way. Bathroom cabinets tend to fill up quickly so it’s great to be able to store my new goodies in a cute way. It’s also means you won’t forget you have them as they’re out on display!

I think the bathtub is also a really nice idea to welcome guests when people are staying in your home. For less that £10 you can fill it with fabulously fruity scented bath products and leave it out for them to choose from when they shower – what a welcome! They also make great gifts. I made a tub up for my younger sister as a welcome home gift after she had been travelling around Asia for three months. With Christmas coming up, why not treat someone to a tub of scented goodies?

As well as the cool bathtub you can also get a little pamper set to go with the face masks, complete with mixing tub and application brush so that you can really make a session out of it. I think I’ll use mine on a gloomy Sunday while I’m curled up inside with a hot drink watching a chick flick – the perfect ‘me time’ treat!

Out of everything I got my favourite product has to be the Lemon & Black Pepper hand lotion. Probably purely because I get to use it every single time I wash my hands as opposed to the other bits which I get to use twice a day at most. I do love a good citrus scent too. I have to say I don’t really detect the black pepper in this but I can’t say I mind, it’s not really up there in my list of things I want to smell of.

I’ve actually rambled on for so long about these that I think I’m going to make a YouTube video about them soon. If only I’d decided that before I wrote this mini essay.. Oh well! Just an excuse to head back to Wilkinsons to replenish my stash! 

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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