Easy Kardashian Halloween Costume | YouTube

Here’s a fun Halloween costume I did on my YouTube channel a couple of years ago. Can you guess who I am?  None other than the fabulous Kim Kardashian of course. This was kind of a tongue in cheek/lazy last minute costume suggestion for those parties that seem to creep up on you out of nowhere.

Stuff a cushion back there to give your trunk some junk and you’re good to go!

Remember the old KUWTK episodes where Kim was always glued to her blackberries, plural?

 Looking back through the pictures they’re a little outdated. If I was to dress as Kim Kardashian now I’d opt for a pencil skirt and crop top combo (complete with chicken fillets and a cushion stuffed in the arse of course for full Kardashian curves) and she’s now ditched her once signature high ponytail for centre-parted soft waves. The blackberries have made way for iPhones and, of course, you can’t forgot to tote a doll on your hip to represent little North. Still, I just thought I’d share it because it’s fun. 

My attempt at the Kim Kardashian my-eyelashes-are-too-hevae smile.

I also created an incredibly cringeworthy video to accompany this post complete with the infamous Kim Kardashian cry and numerous mentions of ex-ex beau Reggie Yates. Again, an older reference that only die hard Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans like myself will get. Click here if you want to see the video and try not to judge me too much. I was a poor, bored student after all! 

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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