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Hello All, so as promised, here are the outfit pictures that Monday’s nail shot came from. This is the type of outfit I’d wear to a creative work meeting in the city. The trainers keep it casual and will ensure I’m comfortable on the inevitable standing tube ride. The coat is structured and chic enough to show that I mean business. 

As always with my outfit photos, there are lots more photos with the ‘read more’ link!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here that I relaxed my hair again. Well, my mum did. I love it!!

Nail Colour: Cobalt Blue by Barry M // Bracelet: Made by Jade

Genuinely the warmest, nicest coat I’ve ever owned from Mint Velvet

The thing that I probably love the most about London fashion is how laid back it is. Having worked in London for 18 months now, I’ve realised that it’s deemed not only okay but actually quite cool to wear trainers to a creative meeting in the city. I say creative because there are, of course, those industries where formal business wear is always required; banking, law etc. However, for those working in more creative industries like fashion and marketing, trainers actually suggest something different entirely. 

Necklace (doubles as a double wrap bracelet) from Made by Jade

Trainers: Nike Air Max 90s, colour exclusive to Footlocker (Men’s section!)

Far from the images of unprofessionalism and lack of caring you might expect them to conjure, a cool pair of trainers in the right setting suggest that you’re actually almost too busy to care about personal fashion because you’re so focused on the job at hand. I say almost because there’s a difference between wearing all back 2014 Nike Free Runs and a scuffed up pair of Umbros that you’ve had since your school days. Ideally trainers in the work setting should be relatively clean (a bit of dirt is okay, you are busy after all) and they should match your outfit enough to suggest that you care about your professional appearance, you just don’t care too much.

Bag: H&M
I think a neat ballerina bun, rather than having your hair down, also gives this look a smarter finish.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. I don’t even really know why I decided to go into that, it’s just something that has occurred to me lately that I want to share. Feel free to disagree. Working in the fashion industry it’s true that my dress code does tend to be a little looser than most people’s so perhaps I’ve become disillusioned. Although I did once attend a non-fashion interview where the interviewer turned up in a hoodie, over-ear headphones, baggy jeans and Air Force Ones so who knows! 

P.S. I know I’ve gone a couple of days without posting which is most definitely not what my planner says and I’m sorry about that. Following our Made by Jade meeting I’ve spent the last few days trawling the internet for supplies for out new pieces which should now be arriving very shortly! I’ve now created a stick-to-my-plan plan to keep me on track with blogging so I don’t fall behind again. Wish me luck!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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