Throwback Thursday: Pretty Party Nails

Hi guys! Today I met my mum for lunch followed by a creative meeting for our jewellery and accessories line Made by Jade. We’ve got lots of really exciting new products coming in ready for Christmas as well as some old favourites coming back and I’m super excited about it all!! It means a lot of extra work for us both for the next few weeks but creating pretty things is such a rewarding process when you see the finished product so I know it will be worth it! 

I soooo wish I still had this ring. It was only cheap from New Look or somewhere but I love it!

Anyway, our meeting ended up going quite late and I didn’t get to edit the outfit pictures I wanted to for today’s post and, not wanting to mess with my posting schedule for the rest of the week, I found myself wondering what-oh-what could I post today at short notice… Then I remembered that it happens to be Thursday which is the perfect time to delve back into the archives of my blog and share some pictures past and pretty. 

I never pay attention to whether I put a ring on my left hand or right. I’m not engaged but it someone proposed to me with this ring I would say YESSS – regardless of who they were haha, it’s just that pretty and unique!

I hope this doesn’t seem redundant. I personally love looking back at the archive photos on the fashion blogs I follow. I’m afraid to admit that I sometimes will put quite some effort into experimenting with different url endings to find not just those perfectly polished posts listed in the archives but further back to the ones lost in the webosphere after various blog redesigns. The ones before said bloggers had discovered ombre highlights and haute couture. The ones where it was more Primarni than Armani and they took their blog photos on a camera phone in a dodgy looking car park. It’s just fun to see how far they’ve come.

These pictures are from this post which I put up on my blog two years ago. I had another blog before this one (I scrapped it because it was more beauty specific and I realised I was also really into fashion) so I have even older posts but unfortunately I don’t think I have any of those photos any more as they would have been on my old computer. So this is as far back into my archives as I can go for now. I don’t think my style in this post is too different now, except my hair. God I hated my hair like that. It was dupe damaged so I decided to cut it all of and start over. It payed off in the end as it’s ten times heather now but I just hated this style!!! I am a girly-girl and just really love hair, the longer the better! Waheyyyy ;).

 Anyway, I digress. I chose to re-post these pictures because I looove these nails (if I do say so myself…). With it being Friday tomorrow (woohoo!) I realise these are the perfect nails for a weekend full of fun. I had completely forgot about them until now so I figured you probably would have too and, to paraphrase the well know saying, ‘re-sharing is caring’. Unless of course you didn’t read my blog back then and have never been through my archives and have, therefore, never ever seen these photos before in which case, ignore everything I’ve written until now and enjoy this totally brand spanking new nail post ;).

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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