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With all the work I’ve been doing on Made by Jade, I’m now playing catch up with my blog posts and so I stumbled across lots of pictures from our summer trip to Barcelona that I have yet to post. These will be going up over the next few days along with a haul video on my YouTube channel so stayed tuned for that! In the meantime, this is what I wore to the airpot on the way out there. 

When I’m travelling I like to opt for loose layers because I’m usually going somewhere warmer than England, (where isn’t?) so I like to have the option of instantly stripping down once I land.

Comfortable shoes are a must for me when travelling so some clean, stylish trainers like my Nike Air Max 90s remain a trusty wardrobe staple. Leather leggings add a touch of trend whilst remaining comfy and underneath my coat I just had on an oversized black tee. In potentially stressful situations, like when travelling, having tight-fitting layers will only make you feel more hot and bothered. An oversized tee and a boyfriend coat was the perfect combo to keep me sufficiently warm without being stuffy as both were roomy and therefore beautiful breezy. I wouldn’t actually recommend a hat for airpot travel normally. I wore it purely because I wanted it for the beach and I didn’t want to squash it down inside the case!

For hand luggage I had by Louis Vuitton speedy 25 as my handbag (this is fast becoming my favourite bag everrrr) and then I took my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM as my carry-on. I thought I’d have to put one inside the other (I’ll let you guess which way around) but they seem to let you take both which is pretty cool. I took my Neverfull as it’s the only bag that’s big enough to carry my 15″ laptop but honestly, I don’t recommend it. Although it is super roomy (hence the name – I’ve heard rumours that it can carry up to 500lbs of weight but erm – what’s the use?), the ultra thin straps on it mean that it always feels twice as heavy as it actually is. Not fun. For this reason it’s quite a deceptive bag as, although yes you can fit the world in there, you can’t actually carry it around with you… I do think it’s a beautiful bag but probably best saved for overnight stays at friends’ houses when the infinite capacity comes in handy for stashing a change of clothes – basically, anything nice and lightweight! Thinking about it, it would probably make a very suitable (and stylish) diaper bag…

As for luggage, I’m a lover of hard cases because we’ve all seen those video clips of suitcases being, quite literally, thrown onto aeroplanes and I get incredibly neurotic about the idea of some beauty product bursting inside my case and ruining everything (flashback to that scene from Friends with Ross – “it’s EVERYWHEERRE!!!”) so a hard case provides that extra peace of mind. I literally don’t understand why rich people would want to spend thousands of pounds on Louis Vuitton luggage. Of course it’s beautiful and I’d kill for a Keepall for staying over at friends’ houses etc but when it comes to the rolling luggage for planes – doesn’t it just get ruined?!?! Although I suppose if you’re taking a private jet you can tip your luggage loaders to be a little more careful. Anyway, pointless digression because I obviously can’t afford LV luggage so I have instead settled for this little black number. As much as I always gravitate towards hot pink luggage I have learnt to go for black in the end because, a) it goes with every outfit and b) you can’t see how grubby it really is (ewww!). 

Well, that’s it for now! I’m off to edit a Collective Haul video for my YouTube channel, ready to upload this evening so check back for that – toodles! 

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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