My Little Pony | Shopping Picks

Payday has arrived! Here are some pretty pony pieces to add to your lust list this month. 

Loafers: here // Travel Wallet: here // Boots: here // Slip Ons: here // Belt: here // Sandals: here // Wallet: here 

I’ve noticed that ponyskin is everywhere this season and from covetable cow and luxe leopard prints to beautiful blacks and fantastic fuchsias, there’s something to suit everyone and don’t worry! Having worked in the fashion industry for sometime I can assure you that, despite rumours of horses being boiled alive, so called ‘pony’ skin is usually simply cow’s leather with the hair left on meaning no actual ponies are harmed in the production of this trend. Of course if you don’t wear leather at all then this isn’t the trend for you but I’ve got some other great suggestions of things I’m loving here in my favourites video.

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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