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Recently my sister and I met up for dinner and drinks in Soho and the food was soooo good I thought I’d share it with you! My younger siblings and I didn’t always get on very well when we were younger (I have a sister who’s three years younger and a brothers who’s a year younger) but now that we’re all older and more mature we get along well. 

As I don’t live at home any more I don’t see much of my younger sister so it’s cool that now she’s in her 20s too (as of yesterday – happy birthday sis!) we can do more sophisticated things like meet for dinner. It’s no secret that Japanese is hands down my absolute favourite cuisine (remember this post from my trip abroad?) so when we decided to meet for dinner the choice of food was a no-brainer.

I love finding new, cool restaurants to go to and a quick Google search told me that Shoryu in Soho was a great place to eat so off we headed! 

Shaftesbury Avenue, China Town, London

Central London at night is one of my absolute favourite places to be. Central London any time actually but at night there’s a certain majesty about it. Things don’t just switch off and go dark at 6pm like they do in the suburbs. The shops stay open, the crowds spill out and it’s just nice to see people socialising and having fun without the restrictions of the clock. China Town is definitely one of my favourite areas of Central London, mostly because of the beautiful street decorations and the amazing food on offer! 

We had a table booked for 9pm and, as much as I love being out and about in London, it was exactly toasty outside so we stopped for some cocktails before dinner. I have a slight obsession with bubble tea so when planning our night I had also taken the liberty of googling ‘bubble tea cocktail’  which lead us to Noodle House London on Shaftesbury Avenue. This Bubble Tea Punch cocktail was soooo good. It says it’s made with an early grey tea base with a kick of gin but I could just taste the delicious passion fruit flavour  – I definitely recommend it! The food here looked really good when we walked past the tables to go to the bar so I think we’ll go back there sometime soon to eat.

On to Shoryu! After a 15 minute wait in the crowded little lobby (worth it I promise) we were seated. The restaurant is definitely cosy but not like elbowing-the-people-next-to-you cosy. We were sat in the front section but I believe they did have more tables in the back so if you’re space conscious I’d ask to sit back there when you arrive. We drank green tea and I wanted to steal this teapot and these little cups – adorable!

The buns! Oh the Shoryu buns… The are seriously no words in the English dictionary to accurately describe how incredibly delicious these little rolls of heaven are. Just writing this post is making me want to cry because I see them but I don’t have them. If you have never tasted them count yourself lucky – it’s only ever downhill from there. We went for the ones filled with barbecue char sui pork belly and oh-my-god. The pork was beautifully tender and marinated in what tasted to me like delicious hoi sin sauce. If you like crispy Peking duck you’ll love this – soo good! The cucumber and lettuce garnish adds a touch of crunch and freshness to cut through the rich flavour of the pork and the bun itself is soft, fluffy and lighter than air yet ever so slightly chewy so that you don’t feel like you’re actually just eating air. It’s heaven for us carb lovers. The whole thing was devine.

Shoryu Ganso Tankotsu ramen at Shoryu, Soho, London
Tori Kara Agen-Men ramen at Shoryu, Soho, London.

The buns were actually really quite filling at a couple of these would have set me up nicely but we had ordered ramen noodles too so indulge we did. I believe my sister went for the Shoryu Ganso Tonkotsu ramen where as I was tempted by the Tori Kara Agen-Men which offered fried chicken. Both were delicious (I sampled my sister’s, I can assure you that it also tasted great). Ramen noodle dishes satisfy my inner piggy that always wants to sample everything on the menu. They’re a party bowl full of a plethora of delights with a base succulent meat, flavoursome veggies and hearty noodles down to the delicious broth itself. Can’t decide between soup and noodles? Chicken or fish? With ramen, quite often you don’t have to! I think I’m going to try to make some sort of ramen/pho dish for dinner this weekend. Would you like to see a recipe post if I do?

 I looove eating out and get really excited when I find a cool new place to eat so I want to do more restaurant reviews here so I can share all of these places with you. Do you know of any cool restaurants in London you think I should visit? Let me know in the comments section below if you do!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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