The Lady is a Vamp | Makeup Tutorial

Hello, hello! Here’s a nice (if I do say so myself!) wintery makeup look that you might have seen go up on my Instagram page yesterday. I’ve decided I want to start sharing more makeup looks here on my blog as well as on my YouTube channel.

 Makeup used to be my first love (before fashion took over) but I still really love playing with makeup and creating different looks from subtle to sultry. Winter is definitely my favourite time of year to experiment with different makeup looks too as, since there’s no fear of sweating it all off, we tend more of it. That and the pretty colours really brighten up my day! Anyway on to the look. Product details and instructions after the jump!


In winter I tend to go for a simple matte finish look on the skin as opposed to the dewy looks favoured in the summer. To achieve this look I use Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation, I’m the colour Intensity 6.5, and I set this with Inglot’s Translucent Loose Powder in colour 215 for an extra matte look as I have oily skin. Double Wear Light is a great liquid foundation in my opinion. It’s medium-full coverage and really long-lasting compared to others I’ve used. I find that it sets quite matte without powder but, as it’s full coverage I like to use less liquid foundation and then apply powder to further mattify my skin and to give extra coverage as I think this gives a more natural look than liquid alone.


One of my favourite eye looks right now is a matte, skin-tone lid with a dark, rich crease colour. I love the way the warm natural lid looks next to the beautiful, deep colour of the crease. To achieve this look I have a little cheat for you. Rather than waste money on skin-tone eyeshadow, simply apply a light layer of concealer to each lid using your index finger and blend across. Then use an eyeshadow brush to pat your normal face powder onto your eyelids to mattify the concealer. You might wonder why you need to bother put on a skin -tone colour at all but as eyelids are thinner than other skin they tend to be more sallow in colour, either dark, grey, or red, so a bit of concealer and powder will do wonders to brighten them up much like the under-eye area. Complete the look by sweeping a deep berry colour into your crease (literally the area where your eyelid creases into itself to open). I find it easier to look down at a mirror on my lap when doing this so that my eyelid unfolds and I can access the area properly. Use a thinner ‘pencil’ brush to do this and sweep the colour across the crease, back and forth, building it up as you go. Finally, use a clean eyeshadow brush to gently blend the colour up and out towards your eyebrows until it fades into a soft, smoky look at the edges. 

Quick Tip: I always like to do my eye makeup first as it means that I can wipe away any eyeshadow fallout  and clean up and messy eyeliner and mascara smudges first without ruining the rest of my makeup! 


A dark lip is very much en vogue this winter and I must say I’m a huge fan. Dark lipstick suits me sooo much more than the bright pinks and corals of summer. For this look I wanted a really dark shade so I took the darkest berry colour I could find on the highstreet, Vamp by Makeup Revolution at Superdrug (it only costs £1 – woohoo!), and I actually layered it over Barry M’s black lipstick to give it a really deep tone. I think it’s really important to line your lips when using a bold shade to avoid the lipstick smearing past your lipline. For this look I used lip pencil colour number 11 from Barry M.

I hope this helps! If there’s anything that I could add here to make these posts more helpful e.g. (more pictures, more step-by-step written instructions etc) do let me know! I’m wary of making the post too long for you so I feel like it’s often just easier to make a YouTube video tutorial but I know not everyone watches YouTube so if you prefer these post I’ll keep them coming! If you’d find a YouTube video tutorial helpful too just let me know though as I love doing them and if there are any more makeup looks you’d like me to ready for Christmas just leave a comment below letting me know! 

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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