Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas | Mani Monday

With the big V Day being this Saturday I thought I’d make this Mani Monday post festive and show you some easy and impressive DIY Valentine’s themed nail looks. Read on for simple step-by-step tips on how I did all five easy designs!

Thumb: On my thumb I just have a white base dotted all over with reds and pink in different shades with a cotton bud for a fun, quick and easy look. This is definitely the easiest look of all five so if you’re pushed for time or not that confident I’d definitely recommend this one.

Index Finger: On this finger I put on a clear base and then sprinkled pink glitter on the tips, using a lighter hand towards the middle of the nail for a faded look. Quick tip: When working with glitter I recommend folding a piece of paper in half, unfolding it and then holding your hand over the paper as you sprinkle on the glitter. Then at the end you can fold the paper back in half and pour the glitter back into its container, using the crease a guide, for easy, quick clean up!

Middle Finger: For the heart cutout I just painted my entire nail and then when it was half dry I used a hair pin to scrape a heart shape out of the middle. You can then use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to go around the heart and clean it up. The little finger works best on longer nails with a pointed edge. I personally like to finish this look with a drop of high gloss top coat, such as Seche Vite, as I think the cutout looks better with a shiny finish. Quick tip: When doing nail designs with different colours, wait until all of the nails are completely dry before you add a clear top coat and be careful to swipe the brush lightly and only once over the nails to avoid the colours all running into one another. 

Ring Finger: This one is pretty straight forward! Quick tip: If you don’t have a steady hand for the tip then you can always wait for the bottom layer to dry and then use a piece of tape as a guide to get a clean line. Stick the tape to your clothes for a second before you stick it on your nails so it’s only semi-sticky and won’t ruin the bottom layer of polish.

Little Finger: The look on the little finger looks best on nails with a point so this one is great on longer nails. File the nails into a point and then use a cotton bud dipped in the polish of your choice to make the heart shape. Quick tip: I like the gently bite the end of the cotton bud into a point shape to get a more precise application.

I hope this inspires you for this weekend! As I said they’re all really easy to do, especially the thumb nail and if you don’t feel confident yourself you can always enlist the help of a friend or even a nail technician. Don’t be afraid to whip out your phone and show your nail lady these looks, in my experience technicians are usually more than happy to recreate looks that you show them. Also do feel free to switch things up and add your own twist. You could try black hearts for an edgier look or silver nail polish and glitters for an elegant finish and even if you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day per se these looks are fun and funky for spring which is just around the corner.

I got a couple of these ideas from Pinterest which is my go-to place when I need some nail and makeup inspiration. I’ve pinned all of my favourite Valentine’s Day nails, makeup, hair and even recipes, gift ideas and decor for you all on one board here and I’m still adding to it so feel free to have a nose and re-pin away!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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