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Hello! Yesterday I met my boyfriend in town for coffee and while I waited for him I decided to do some pre-Pay Day window shopping. Naturally I found myself wandering into the heel heaven that is Aldo. Actually this season it’s heel heaven, flat heaven and everything-in-between heaven.

I find that Aldo’s seasonal offerings always strike the perfect balance between cool and chic. You’ll find lots of classic shapes like the ever-stylish court shoe but with an edgy twist, e.g. a cutaway, to keep them fabulously fresh and super sexy. I love that they always have a great choice of colours to choose from too so we’re always spoilt for choice.

Having owned a fair few pairs of Aldo shoes over the years (and also gone through many, many pairs of cheaper shoes) I can say that the quality is top-notch making it worth paying the extra few bob for a pair you know will last for years. I’d rather invest in a pair of great quality shoes that will last me than keep buying the same cheap pair over and over. (PS: I’ve realised that the same goes for handbags – why spend £20 on a bag that will last one season before the handle gives and the lining tears when I can spend a bit more and have a bag that lasts years? It works out cheaper in the end and they look ten times better!). Anyway, these are my favourite styles which Aldo have in at the moment. I hope you see something you like or at least feel inspired to have a nosey at the Aldo website yourself! 

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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