Barry M Gelly in Blueberry | Mani Monday

 Happy Mani Monday! If you need cheering up this Monday I highly recommend that you pop into your local Superdrug on your lunch break and treat yourself to Blueberry from Barry M’s Gelish line. It’s b-e-a-utiful and has certainly made my day! I’m in luuuurve with it.

Nails: Barry M Gelish in Blueberry | Bracelet: Made by Jade sold here

I’m not really one to match my nail polish to the season (I tend to just go with whatever mood I’m in on the day) but as spring is (finally) arriving and the trees have begun to bloom, it occurred to how great this shade is for this time of year.
Blue polishes are by farrr my favourite anyway and I have the stash to prove it, (see this post from two years ago. You can only imagine how much my collection has grown since…) but there is something about this blue that I particularly love. I think it’s the way that it’s almost pastel in its creaminess and therefore not super in-yer-face but at the same time bold enough that I still get that giddy, ‘oooh check me out!’ feeling when I look down and remember that I’ve actually made time to paint my nails. Not a bad lift for the nifty old price of £3.99 eh?

I got this polish as part of a secret santa gift in December along with a super pretty pink shade which I will undoubtedly share with you soon enough and also an extra-scrummy tube of pink smarties. To this day I still don’t know who the Santa was (I’m not one of those pesky people who snoops and tries to find out!) but whoever you are Santa thank you very very much!! I love it and I shall continue to wear it giddily through the coming months! 🙂

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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