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Now that all of the Fashion Week furore is over, let us not forget the fabulous ensembles that were witnessed during this oh-so-stylish of weeks! As a fashion obsessive myself, I personally loooove heading down to Somerset House during LFW to people-watch. The air is thick with a shared appreciation for all things ‘fashionable’ from covetable couture to the DIY daredevils and, as much as I want to kick them, I also can’t help but admire those whose have clearly put so much effort into perfecting their ‘I’m-not-posing’ pose. Delicately leaned against a stone wall with an (undoubtedly cold by now) cup of Starbucks coffee, staring wistfully into the distance and pretending not to notice the hordes of wannabe photographers (myself included btw), pushing and shoving their way around said poser to get the perfect shot. Ah fashion week, how I missed you so…

This season, as I wasn’t working there, I was able to take my Nikon and my fantastic videographer sister, Rhia, with me to capture all of the couture on camera for you in the form of a YouTube video. I hope you like it!

I also took a bunch of street style photos while we were there too but, when I went to Dropbox all of the footage/snaps to my sister, I think the original files on my laptop somehow got corrupted as they won’t open in my iPhoto anymore :(. Once Rhia downloads the files I’ll see if she’s able to send them back to me to share here on my blog. Thank goodness I at least got the video up before that happened eh! If you want to see more of my YouTube videos, do remember to subscribe to my channel free of charge here so that you never miss one!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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