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 Well I think those of us currently residing in the UK can all agree that this Saturday gone was rather glorious and so, where better to venture to take my outfit pictures than a pretty park?

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As it was a nice sunny day and I’d ventured to the park to enjoy nature all that other good stuff, I decided that it was only right that I go for a natural makeup look. 

I also dusted off my cream coat for the first time which had been unceremoniously shoved to the back of my wardrobe all winter. I definitely tend to gravitate towards dark colours in the winter so the fact that I want to have this coat back in rotation is a true sign that summer is on the way – woohoo! I’ll always opt for a long coat with a miniskirt rather than a jacket if I can. My style is usually pretty clean, meaning block colours and lots of straight lines, so playing with different length hemlines is a great way to make my outfits more interesting.

 I rather ambitiously decided to don a mini for the first time in literally months (besides during my Mexico trip that is. Speaking of which I have just this moment remembered that I still have yet to post about that – d’oh! Anyway, moving on…). The miniskirt move proved to be a little premature – safe to say my legs were a tad on the chilly side (hence the goosebumbs in the below pic) – but I was happy to free them nonetheless! 

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before here on my blog what a huge fan of the ‘demi-tuck’ I am. That is, partially tucking one’s top into one’s bottoms to create a smart-casual, I-couldn’t-decide-whether-to-tuck-or-hang-loose-so-I-just-did-both vibe. To some it may look sloppy but to me this treading of the line between a full-on tuck (too preppy for some occasions) and a loose hem (too relaxed for others) says, ‘I care about how I am presented today but not too much’. Pretty much my style motto every single day.

I must admit that, as simple as it seems, getting the tuck just right is somewhat of an art that often takes me a few tries to perfect. On this occasion, after tucking in on one side, I carefully folded the hem of my tee to give an asymmetric look. Now, you may point out that all this contradicts my earlier point about the look not being too contrived but I would would counter that this is a running theme in the world of fashion; people putting in a lot of time and effort trying to look as though they have not put in a lot of time and effort. And on this occasion, yes, I too am guilty. The 12-year-old me who used to scoff at the kids in the playground rubbing their brand new Converse into the dirt so that they looked old and uncared for would be ashamed of myself now. The 23-year-old me writing this blog posts is slightly irritated that the angle of the tuck isn’t quite straight enough. What can I say?

I wanted this outfit to have a casual vibe, since I was only going to the park after all, so I finished off the look with my Nike Air Max 90s and a leatherette rucksack to add a more sporty, on-the-go feel. I’m also a big fan of the ‘mini skirt and trainers’ look, especially with a long coat, as it’s so unexpected and, besides, I think Nikes are always, always cool. Not to mention that they’re so damn comfy – yay for trainers!

As for the hair, top knot again because it was hella breezy on Saturday despite the temperature rise and my hair does not do wind. Period. Also, I’m in desperate need of a relaxer (chemical straightening treatment) and it’s about the only style that looks relativly neat right now. Not to worry though, my mother has so kindly offered to do it for on Sunday before our Mother’s Day dinner – mum to the rescue! 

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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