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Good evening! On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the #Bloggersgethulafit event and it was so much fun!! Here are the pictures from the day and a bit more info about the class in case you’d like to do one yourself.

The event was kindly organised by my fellow blogger friend, Lauren, of Blonde Vision. Lauren runs nyLDNmeet along with, Jenny from Dream In Pink (another blogging pal of mine), and Hula Fit was the latest fun activity they organised for us – thanks girls!

Hula Fit is held in locations all over London and Saturday’s class was held in a roomy studio in Notting Hill, a stone’s throw away from Portobello Road. Unfortunately it was bloody freezing a tad nippy on Saturday so we decided to forego a browse around the market (sad face) and peg it straight to the class. I did steal a second to take a photo of these beautiful multicoloured houses to show you – so cute! 

Once inside the toasty studio we met the lovely instructor, Anna, and her business partner and husband Rowan (I know so cute!). Anna is a global hula hoop performer and a resident act at the popular London nightclub, Cafe de Paris. Rowan is a Level 3 personal trainer with a degree in Dietetics and Nutrition so it’s safe to say that they both know their stuff! I knew as soon as I saw Anna’s shiny, hot pink leggings and space boots that I was going to love her. Someone asked during the class how she could work out in such huge boots and she replied with a smile, ‘I’m vain!”. A woman after my own heart.  Both she and Rowan were both really friendly from the second we met them and put us at ease. Anna gave us a bit of background about the company which you can read about in her own words here on their website (I’ll only forget bits), and then talked us through the structure of the class. 

We then had some time to select our hoops (I went for a jazzy, shiny red and black number) and to try them out to become accustomed to them. There were regular hoops and also weighted ones which Anna kindly told us we can also get here at Argos if we want to continue hooping at home. The weighted ones are, of course, heavier and therefore give you a better workout. I decided to err on the side of caution and take one of each and I’m glad I did – the heavy ones were tough to manouevre at points!

If you’re a hula hooping novice don’t worry! Anna took time to go around the class and give each of us help with our technique and she had some great tips for stopping the hoop from falling (sounds obvious but trust me, it’s harder than it looks!). She also showed us some simple changes to make the moves easier/more challenging to suit your abilities.

HulaFit is mostly about working the abs but one thing I really loved about the class was that they had put together a full body workout that incorporated other areas of exercise as well such as squats, burpees and lots of arm moves (woohoo!). The class was an hour long and certainly felt like a ‘proper workout’. I was knackered by the end of it but in a good ‘I can tell this is going to work’ kind of way. Anna also warned us that we’d feel the post-workout burn the next day and I can assure you that I did although it wasn’t unbearable at all, just rather satisfying to know that my muscles had been fully worked.

And now, as much as I don’t want to, it wouldn’t be fair of me to show pictures of everyone else working out without sharing one of myself! I look like I’m twerking haha but I can assure you that I was just doing run-of-the-mill hula hooping. Maybe next time?

A lovely sweaty post-class shot. I think we all did quite well to look so composed after an hour of exercise!

So after all of that exercising it was only right that we had a thorough refuel and where better than GBK?! Now you may ask, ‘what is the point in doing all of that hard work if we you’re just going to scoff burgers?’ but my philosophy is that I work out in order to eat like this. Oh yeah. Mamma didn’t raise no fool.

I’m not usually even a huge burger fan but Saturday was in fact my first day of eating meat after giving up both meat and fish for Lent (surprisingly not as difficult as I had anticipated but missed nonetheless!) so I decided it was go big or go home. I went big. Double stack big. Avocado, bacon and beef burger big. And skinny fries. And an Oreo milkshake. It was delicious even if I did feel a bit sick afterwards having majorly overeaten (there are some lessons we will never learn…).

All in all, needless to say, it was a great day. HUGE thanks again to Lauren, Anna and Rowan for organising this and making it such a fun, enjoyable and bloggable event! The next nyLDNmeet event is chocolate making (woop woop!) on the Saturday 25th May and I can’t wait!!! If you’re a blogger and would like to join us at future events, drop Lauren and Jenny a tweet at @LDNmeet to see what’s coming up. You won’t be disappointed!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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