Flashback Friday: My Birthday!

Hey, so last Friday was my 24th birthday – woohoo!! Before I get into the inevitable shopping haul posts (hint: they possibly might perhaps include some Chanel, Mac and Aldo), I just thought I’d give you a rundown of the day as it was so enjoyable.

The evening before my birthday my mum came round to drop off my birthday card and gift along with these amazing ’24’ helium balloons (I will NEVER be too old for helium balloons! Well… ask me again in a few years, but for now – love them!!) and a million double chocolate muffins topped with, get this, gold leaf! Gold leaf and gold sprinkles. They were honestly so pretty in person they almost looked too good to eat. Almost… So I woke on the morning of my birthday, after a much appreciated lie-in to find that my beautiful boyfriend had arranged all of my cards and gifts on a table in the middle of the living room along with a gorgeous pink GIANT CUPCAKE madeira cake (and we all know from this post how much I like cake) and an extra gift bag (wink wink).
We’d both taken the day off work to celebrate so we went out for breakfast (good old Wetherspoons is my current favourite for eating breakfast out) where I indulged in a LARGE full English breakfast and a hot chocolate with whipped cream followed up by a stack of pancakes with syrup which George (boyfriend) knows I love so had ordered for me on the sly. Admittedly even I couldn’t finish a mammoth feast like that so I took the pancakes home in a doggy bag and polished them off the next day which was a delicious little continuation of my birthday celebrations.

We had planned on going to the cinema to see Fast and Furious 7 after breakfast (such a cheesy film I know but I’m curious to see how they made this one work) but we were so stuffed that we had to go back home for a rest, haha. All that food left me a little sleepy so once I’d had a caramel latte from our new Tassimo machine to perk me up (post on that coming shortly), I opened my cards and gifts and rang everyone to say thank you for all the lovely thoughts.

In the afternoon we made our way to central London so that I could do some shopping and spend my birthday money!!! Constantly expanding my jewellery website, Made by Jade, means that it’s been a long time since I’ve had spare cash to splash on clothes, makeup etc. so it felt really great to be able to look in all of my favourite shops like Zara, Selfridges and River Island knowing that I could actually buy things, and boy did I! I got a lot of stuff in the end so I’m going to film some hauls videos for my YouTube channel on Sunday to show you what I got in detail so look out for those here.

I realised I’ve never actually looked in Selfridges properly but this time I took my time, wandering through the designer hall and actually plucking up the courage to go inside the Chanel shop and gawp at the Prada counter. It felt so surreal being within touching distance of a real Chanel handbag. Eventually I dragged myself away from Selfridges and onto House of Fraser where I spent an age deliberating over bits for my makeup bag. Bless my boyfriend for traipsing around after me all day while I spent hours umming and ahhing over which pieces would make the cut. At one point he literally bought me something just to get me out of a shop haha. After a a few hours of scoping out the shops I had to take pity on him and we headed to Covent Garden to refuel. I was in the mood for Italian and we ended up stumbling upon a Carluccios which was great as I’ve always wanted to go there but have never been near one when I needed it. The one we went to on Garrick Street was gorgeous. The building is huge with an old stone staircase inside lined with flickering candles. The service was quick, the staff were really friendly and the food was delicious! We both had the lobster spaghetti and ah-ma-zing. After a few bellinis I was pooped so we headed home on the tube where I fell asleep and George proceeded to take attract open-mouthed pictures of me snoozing – ta for that!

All in all safe to say I had a great day! I haven’t even touched any of the new stuff I bought yet as I like to have things fresh in the box/with the tags on for haul videos so I can’t wait to film on Sunday so I can finally use everything!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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