Ombre Lipstick | Makeup Tutorial

Hello! I love to experiment with different makeup looks and one that I’ve been loving lately is the ombre lip look. Two different shades of lip colour blended together to create a pretty gradient effect that also, when done correctly, can make your lips look fuller and more luscious (because even though we may all be over the Kylie Jenner hype/hysteria we can admit that, when it comes to lips, bigger is better!). 

The trick behind this look is that by making the centre of your lips lighter, from a distance it appears that the light is reflecting off that area most suggesting that it is fuller and more pronounced (much like good old face highlighting, clever eh?). Here is a step-by-step on how to create the look. P.S: it’s super easy and, as always, I have a few cheats too 😉 let’s go! –>>

Okay, so first you want to decide on the overall colour scheme you want to go with. You can definitely experiment with different shades depending on which look you’re going for e.g. a subtle nude fading into something pretty and pink (perfect for daytime in spring) or an ombre twist on the classic red lip with two slightly different shades of rouge (perfect for a night out on the town). I went for a deep burgundy fading into classic red as a full-on red lip looks quite intense on me so this is a great way to soften the look while keeping a hint of the classic red in the centre.

First, I applied the soft burgundy shade to the outside edge of my lips – much in the same way that I normally would but I just didn’t fill in the centre. If you have smaller lips you can always apply as normal and then use tissue to wipe the lipstick off the lipstick on the centre of your lips, ready for the next shade. Or you can pull a cheeky cheat and use a lip liner in a different colour, applying a thick line around the edges of your lips and and then using your finger to blend this colour towards the centre of your mouth. Done.

Next I went in with the red, using the pointed tip of the lipstick to carefully apply colour to the centre of my lips, still following the natural shape of my lips but not taking the colour all the way to the outside edges but instead stopping once I met the first colour. If you find it hard to avoid the edges simply brush your second lipstick colour onto a lip brush (or if you don’t have one then a clean eyeshadow brush will do the trick) and then use that to apply the colour to the centre of your lips for extra precision. If you do this remember to wash your brush after with brush shampoo (or diluted baby shampoo) to keep your brushes clean and hygienic next time you use them on your eyes! 

Alternatively you can always use another lip liner in a different shade to fill the centre of your lips as the thin pencil tip makes application super easy! If you do this I recommend very gently dabbing some lip balm or clear gloss over your lips at the very end to make them look moist and soft as, while easy to use, pencils can be quite drying and flaky lips are not sexy! 

After applying the second colour, simply take your finger and gently dab along the line where there two colours meet, tapping at first and then rubbing gently in short, soft strokes along the entire line until both colours are seamlessly blended into one another.

Et voila! A fun, fashionable lip look that makes a refreshing change to the norm. I like to wear this look with a nude coloured, matte eyeshadow and a dark crease colour as seen below to make the lips really pop. 

I hope you like the look! Do let me know below if you try it, I’d love to see how great it looks on other people! 

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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