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Hello! With the Easter break only a few hours away (yes, it counts from the minute we step away from our desks!), it occurred to me that a lot of us may be using the long weekend for a well-deserved getaway so today I’m sharing my must-have outfit components for a holiday wardrobe. 

An OOTD from my trip to Paris last spring

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A stylish backpack (that’s rucksack to us English folk!)
First thing’s first – gotta protect my stuff! With pockets aplenty to keep my things organised, a deeper compartment to deter pick-pockets (it’s harder to reach down into a backpack than a handbag) and that all-important back support for when I’m trudging around a new town, the rucksack has pride of place as my bag of choice when travelling. I must admit that, until the rucksack revival a couple of years ago, I was not into the look at all. However since they’ve come back into style, there are hundreds of stylish offerings on the market. Forget the retro rucksacks of our childhood that came in an array of headache-inducing tie dye colours with straps wider than our arms. Today’s rucksacks come in luxe leathers and pretty prints so you can stash your stuff in style. If you’re in need check out these babies ASOS has to offer here.

Comfortable walking shoes
Sounds obvious but once you’ve put together all of your perfect Parisian outfits for your weekend getaway to France, you’d be surprised at how tempting it is to ditch your trusty trainers in favour of some oh-so-chic ballet chanel-esque ballet pumps to finish of the look. ‘Ohh they’re still flats’ you say, ‘they’ll be fiiine…’. Fast forward and you’re in the middle of the Pont des Arts (aka Love Locks) bridge in Paris and all you can think about is how you’d love nothing more than to throw your beautiful ballet shoes over the side and into the Seine because they’re rubbing like a you-know-what leaving you bruised, blisters and begging for your trainers. The same goes for summer getaways. Flip-flops and sandals are great for the beach and pool, sure, but as soon as you venture any farther than that it’s as if someone has constructed that tiny innocent sandal thong out of steel, specifically designed to crush your toes.

Inexpensive sunglasses
If you’re anything like me then expensive sunglasses are just another thing to break/lose/have stolen whilst on holiday! I say leave your beloved fancy frames at home and pick up a cheapie pair for your trip which won’t give you that world-is-ending, floor-dropped-out-of-your-stomach feeling when you get home and unpack only to realise that you’ve left them on the hotel side table. Phew!

A versatile top (e.g. a cami or vest top)
An easy-to-wear, versatile top always forms a huge part of my holiday wardrobe. As tempting as that sexy, cobalt, cross-strap, crop top may be, an simple cami or vest top in a neutral colour will definitely be of more use to you. Anything understated and lightweight that can be layered up if necessarily (just add a cardi and coat when things get chilly) and transitioned easily from day to night with a few key accessories such as a stylish scarf or statement necklace. Quick Tip: If you’re flying be sure to wear said top on the plane and in the, hopefully unlikely, event that your luggage is lost/delayed you’ll at least have some more versatile outfit options as you can still wear it to the beach/shopping/dinner etc.  

A lightweight ‘wear anywhere’ coat
If I’m going somewhere hot there are few things I find more frustrating than the ‘do I lug a winter coat  from the airport to my hotel in Mexico or leave it behind and freeze on the way to Heathrow?’ dilemma. I’ve since realised that I don’t have to choose. Instead I recommend just taking a smart, lightweight coat that you can fold over your bag once you get off at the other end. Opt for something smart that you can wear from dawn til’ dusk, layering up underneath to compensate when needed. Sorted.

A lightweight scarf
It’s not something most people think of but a series of lightweight scarves in bright colours and nice prints can really transform an outfit, adding a splash of colour or a touch of elegance with minimal effort. I like to use them not only to keep the breeze at bay but to to sling around my shoulders and hide spaghetti straps when I want a more conservative look (great for if you’re planning a visit to any holy sites or to make a dinner outfit look more dressy).

Jewellery to mix n’ match
Finally, jewellery is a big part of my holiday wardrobe. As you can tell, for holiday packing I prefer simple pieces that I can re-work into different outfits so jewellery is where I add some pizzazz and make my outfits looks more polished and put-together. Jewellery takes up so little room I’d much rather take 10 different necklaces than 10 tops and, with costume jewellery such a huge thing in high street right stores such as H&M, there’s no need to break the bank. I like to opt for stackable pieces that I can layer up for an arm full of eye candy that’s sure to impress!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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