Asian Food Haul

Happy weekend everyone! I just wanted to share a delicious little discovery I made recently. The other day as I was walking through town, I stumbled across an Asian food shop hidden just off of my local high st. Now, if you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know that I loooove Asian food – Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese especially, so you have no idea how giddy I was when I found the shop! 

The discovery was really well-timed as well because I’d already been planning on trying to create my own ramen recipe one night when my boyfriend was out with friends (he’s not as keen on Asian food, the freak…) so finding this shop meant that I could get some authentic Asian ingredients instead of the over-priced tut that they sell in the world foods aisle of the supermarket! When I told the shop owner my plan he was more than happy to explain, in detail, the different ways to make ramen and even directed me to his other shop around the corner which had a bigger selection of goodies.

There I discovered not only the dumplings I needed for my ramen soup base but a ton of other yummy Chinese and Japanese foods I’d always wanted to try, having seen them in other people’s YouTube vlogs etc. On this occasion I treated myself to some Chinese buns which I will use to attempt to recreate the mouth-watering bbq pork buns my sister and I had at Shoryu Soho which I shared in this post – soooo good! I also picked up some seaweed crisps in seafood flavour (when given a choice of Asian snack flavours I always go for seafood). As you can see I didn’t wait to do this post before I tore into the crisps. They’re really good FYI – flavoursome and super fun to eat (I’m so easily entertained by novelty food) so these will be my go to snack for the next few weeks. My only gripe is that they definitely give you major fish breath but I’ve decided that is a good thing overall since the fact that they are so crunchy suggests that they’re fried so this death breath saga stops me eating loads at once. To be honest they’re so flavoursome that you only really want a few at a time.

You’ll probably be surprised to find out how close your nearest Asian food shop. Ever since I fell in love with Asian food I keep finding Asian food stores tucked away so have a Google! My ramen recipe will be up tomorrow morning complete with step by step photos so keep an eye out for that and, if you’re not already, you can follow me on Bloglovin here.

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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