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Is it a Thorntons ad? Is it some swanky event catering? No no, these are my very own handmade luxury chocolates that I single-handedly crafted (and single-handedly devoured. Joking, although not for lack of trying…). These babies are the pretty products of the wonderful MyChocolate workshop which was the latest #LDNmeetup event I attended. Read on to hear all about the day and how you can make your own! >> 

On a sunny Sunday morning I got my glad rags on and made my jolly way to Islington to partake in the MyChocolate bloggers’ workshop. Once I arrived, I was warmly welcomed into the light and airy venue and shown to my table which was already laden with mouth-watering goodies such as fudge, marshmallows, and all manner of sprinkly goodies with which to garnish our chocolates (or pick at before we’d even started which some of us managed to get away with). Once we were all settled, the glamorous MyChocolate founder, Hannah, told us all about how she dropped out of university to set up the business eight years ago and has never looked back. I love an inspirational entrepreneur story so I was right on board straight away!

We were then introduced to the equally engaging Anthony who led the rest of the class. The afternoon began with some fun taste-testing exercises to see if our palettes were used to cheap inexpensive or ‘high quality’ chocolate. Turns out I, being the classy bird that I so clearly am, preferred the sickly sweet cheap chocolate – go figure! After being fully educated on what makes a good quality chocolate, we watched a demonstration of how to expertly pipe, shape, and decorate teeny truffles. A feat which Anthony made look far too easy judging from what happened next…

Literally cannot look at this picture without salivating. So. Much. Chocolate.

So then it was our turn! Queue the messy fingers and chocolates that look like little – well you know what they look like!


Our lovely hosts Jenny and Lauren getting stuck in!


No, they were not supposed to look like this but hey ho – chocolate is chocolate! 


My partner in crime, the ever so lovely Pippa who was a pleasure to chat too throughout the afternoon. Check out Pippa’s blog here!

Jenny caught red-handed!


The uber-glam Leah of Devoted to Pink carefully documenting her masterpieces.


My final creations! No bad eh? Considering they started out life looking like mini turds. There, I said it. What? I already to you I had no class in the beginning of this post. You should have know better…



After all that chocolate making, those of us who had managed to exercise self-restraint and not eat the majority of what we made during the class (I may or may not be including my self in that group…) had worked up quite an appetite. Furthermore, what #LDNmeetup event would be complete without and indulgent meal at the end so we all piled into a cab and made the short journey over to The Diner on Essex Road. I indulged in a good old cheeseburger with my favourite side – mac n cheese. The food here was pretty solid (burgers in brioche buns? Win!) and not bank-breaking (although not particularly cheap) so if you are hungry and in the area I would recommend it.  



Sadly, on the way home my chocolates fell victim to a nasty spilt coffee accident (some lessons we must learn the hard way… Note to self: after two separate occasions of public coffee spillage as a result of precariously leaning cardboard coffee cup up in paper pastry bag, one leading to shamelessly getting off the tube early in rush hour to avoid the shame of the latte lake snaking through packed tube carriage, let’s not try this again shall we?). I did manage to salvage a few pieces which I later (begrudgingly) shared with the bf who approved. Probably all for the best anyway, I have little restraint when it comes to food so the accident saved me from myself in a way. I had a great day out and got my pretty pictures to share with you so all-in-all so I’m still one very happy lady!


A huge thanks to Lauren and Jenny for organising the event and to MyChocolate for running the workshop, it was so much fun! MyChocolate also do corporate team-building events, public workshops and private events like hen dos (you can imagine the shape of chocolates you get to make in that class, nudge nudge, wink wink). They have venues across the country which you can visit and they’ll also come to you too if you want a fun, girly night in! What’s more, they even offer DIY packs with everything you need to host your own private chocolate making party. You just order the bits from their site and you’re good to go. Check out their website here if you want to have a go yourself!


x Jade Mercedes Fraser x


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