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As the proud owner of a post-90s-comeback crop top or two, I’ve decided to share some of the different ways I like to wear mine to show off the versatility of them. I love the idea of being shown lots of ways to wear one item as, let’s face it, although we may lust after the walk-in-wardrobes come mini boutiques of many a rich blogger, very few of us can actually afford to shop like that. So it’s great when we discover new ways to wear our old faves. 

Since pretty much anyone who has laid eyes on a Kardashian/Jenner in the last year or two will already be fully familiar with the crop top + pencil skirt + killer heels combo, I’ve decided to skip that one (well for now anyway, it’s still a good’un so I may indulge later in the series…). Instead I’ve gone for another evening look that gives you the option to show some skin if you’re feeling brave or give just a hint of stomach if you just want to try the trend. Here we go –>>

Key item #1: The Blazer. Adding a blazer to a crop top has many advantages – firstly it gives you the option to cover up. Perfect for the mad dash between the tube/cab and the bar and if you run into your oh-so-conservative boss on a night out. The blazer option is also great for those people who want to ease into the whole stomach-on-show thing as you have the option to keep your blazer on but open for just a hint of skin. Depending on the button placement you can also partially button the blazer to show just a hint of stomach above the buttons – sexy and chic. Quick tip: If you want to customise just how open your blazer stays throughout the night, use double sided sticky tape (aka tit tape) to keep it stuck your crop top so that it doesn’t fly open in a gust of wind or when you’re throwing shapes on the dance floor a la Michael Jackson in the What About Us video. What works for MJ does not necessarily work for you. No matter what the jagerbombs are telling you at the time. Another key benefit of a pairing your crop top with a blazer is that the smart, tailored structure and excess material nicely offset the skin-hugging sexiness of the crop top to make the overall look more sophisticated and chic.

Key Item #2: The lightweight scarf. Oh scarfy, scarfy, scarfy how I love the so. Lightweight scarves likes these would definitely make my list of top ten must-have wardrobe items because they can add so much to an outfit with so little effort. In this case, a scarf not only adds a touch of class to a potentially trashy look, (yes I said it. Crop tops can look trashy if not done right. Britney we’re looking at you) but it also adds yet another layer to obscure the stomach if you’re not looking to full-on flash the flesh. Perfect for those times when you want to show off all your recent ab work during pre-drinks but also have the flexibility to overindulge in cheesy garlic bread and cheesecake at dinner, knowing your trusty scarf and blazer combo will hide the inevitable food baby that will ensue. Tell me I’m not the only person who regularly faces this dilemma? 

Key Item #3: Loose Fit Trousers/Jeans. Again, good crop top styling is all about keeping it classy. By pairing your crop top with trousers, rather than a skirt or worse still, shorts, you avoid showing what one might perceive to be ‘too much’ skin. Not that we should concern ourselves too much with what other thing of the looks we like but sometime it’s nice to know that no one is silently branding you slut with their disapproving stares. I also personally find it a lot more flattering on most people to offset a close-fitting top with a loose fit bottom and vice versa as it shows of your silhouette without being too clingy. Although sometimes clingy is good. If you’re Kim Kardashian then clingy is great. Always. Apparently.

Jeans: Mint Velvet (DIY rips done by myself), Shoes: Primark

I wouldn’t say that heels are key for this look (I try not to declare heels a statement often as, let’s face it, they hurt) but I do think that they do look great paired with boyfriend jeans because it’s fun to mix styles and silhouettes.

Bracelet: Here, Clutch: H&M

I went with monochrome accessories because, well hey, I’m a sucker for the matchy-matchy look. I will never tire of my Luxe Link Bracelets from my accessory line, Made by Jade, because they’re so versatile. They come in loads of colours and look great stacked or worn alone like here. A clutch bag is my go-to for a night out as it stops me from taking everything but the kitchen sink out with me leaving my arms free for doing the Gangnam Style dance later in the night. Just kidding. Sort of. 

Crop Top (similar here), Blazer: H&M, Scarf: Mint Velvet,
Jeans: Old and rips added myself but similar here, Shoes: Primark

 As this look is quite bold I decided to go with neutral eye makeup to make the overall look a bit more demure. Instead I did a matte brown on the lid and deep burgundy in the crease for a soft, smoky look. You can find my step-by-step photo guide on how to create this look here. I always forget that I have the world shortest, thinnest eyelashes so, after seeing these photos, I wish I’d added some subtle falsies to make my eyes pop more but meh, it’s done now and it’s only makeup – I know for next time! As this is night-out look I decided to go for a bold red lip. I did a matte ombre look that’s more of a deep berry shade around the edges fading to a bright red in the centre. This is not only fun because of the pretty colour blend, but it also actually make your lips look plumper. I’ll be posting a photo tutorial on the look soon if you want to try it yourself, so keep an eye out!

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