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On Sunday evening I was lucky enough to host the #bbloggers chat and for this week’s topic I chose ‘Time and Money Saving Beauty Tips’. I figured it’s a topic that everyone can benefit from as (I mean who doesn’t need more time and money?). The topic went down a treat and I’m honestly chuffed that you guys were happy with it and that you had so many great beauty tips to share!

There were so many useful tips shared in the chat that I didn’t want them to just be lost in the Twittersphere (you know how quickly the #bbloggers Twitter feed moves!) so I’ve jotted down as many as I could here in once place so that we can all come back to this post refresh out memories from time to time!

My personal top three ‘Time and Money Saving Tips’ are:

1. Did you know lipsticks double well as cream blushers too making them twice as nice! Just dab them on your cheeks and blend with your fingers for a natural looking flush of colour.

2. Instead of buying expensive hand creams over and over, just buy a cheap plastic travel bottle from Superdrug and decant your favourite scented body lotion into it. Sounds simple but it will save you lots of money in the long run!

3. Mini perfume spritzers like the Travalo mean you can take your favourite perfume around in your handbag without lugging around the heavy, glass bottle or paying extra for a mini bottle. They’re also great for going on holiday as you can take multiple scents with you with the risk of the bottles smashing in your case – ace!

Now for more top tips shared by some of the other lovely girls in Sunday’s #bbloggers Twitter chat! –>> 
@NiaSky – “Always take a mirror when going foundation shopping and go outside to have a look if it matched’

@effstarbeauty – ‘I get a lot of beauty bargains in @TKMaxx_UK including Mac, Illamasqua and Too Faced!’

@lov3lylooks – ‘mix peppermint essential oils with Vaseline to make a moisturizing lip plumper :)’

@SaidByAlisha – ‘To remove white deodorant stains, rub another piece of fabric on the spot’

@LivinginMakeup – ‘I normally try out a high end product at the counter, wear it for the day and if I like it, go back at the end to buy it’

@RayWhoisShe – ‘Normally if I want to buy any NARS or Benefit, I’ll always buy from ASOS when they have discount codes’

@ClutteredC – ‘Using an old toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips. Who has time be buying lip scrub?!

@AGBeautyBlog – ‘I prefer to invest in skincare, so that I can use less makeup. Foundation etc always looks better on well cared-for skin, too!’

@caramelandcats – ‘Gift sets containing mini products are a great way to try out new products! I am guilty of buying these for myself!’

@dreamingxpretty – ‘I am currently only buying one new item of makeup or skincare when I have completely used up two products’

@_JessMcGuire – ‘My go-to money saving tip is using baby powder instead of dry shampoo to absorb oil + give volume! Cheaper + lasts longer’

@LauraHadleyx – ‘A good time saving tip is to straighten hair in between applying liquid/cream products and letting them dry!’

@DaintyBride1 – ‘My money saving tip is using eye shadows for your lids, brows and eye liner!’

@lusbeautyblog – ‘Back 2 Mac is an awesome scheme! Just hand in six empty Mac containers and you get a free lipstick!’

There were literally hundreds of great tips and sadly I wasn’t able to read them all (I honestly tried to go back and scroll through the #bbloggers feed but it was updating as quickly as I was scrolling!). If I’ve missed any great tips which you posted or read please do share them with us in the comments below so that we can all see them!

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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