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Hi guys! Here’s a Throwback Thursday post to some outfit pictures we took a little while ago. I live just in front of a canal and it’s my new favourite place to wander on a sunny Sunday afternoon (and take a few outfit pics). I must admit that we do get a few funny stares from people in our neighbourhood when they see us taking photos like this on a river bank/park/outside someone’s house! They probably think I’m just really vain haha, oh well. I hope that you like the post! I’m planning on doing a lot more outfit of the day posts on my blog as they’re probably my favourite post to do so if you like them make sure to follow me on Bloglovin for more! 

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I love this summery mini dress from Zara. The buttery yellow colour is so fresh and appropriate for spring and summer and it’s really easy to dress up and down because of the simple silhouette and length. The fabric is textured like tweed and reminds me of Chanel (I wish!). I’m thinking of pairing it with heels and wearing it to a christening in August.

I looove this mini bag, again, it reminds me of the mini flap bags Chanel do. Not exactly the same thing haha but it adds a fun pop of colour to my casual outfit without being obtrusive or heavy. Perfect for when I’m just popping out.

My trusty Converses. I’m actually wearing this pair today! Just realised. I used to collect Converses when I was at school and have had these ones for years. I had about ten pairs in total although I’ve worn quite a few out and probably lost a few pairs in moves etc. Bad Jade.

Dress: Zara, Coat & Scarf: Mint Velvet, Bag: H&M, Shoes: Converse

So beautiful! I am really into nature and love how incredibly peaceful and serene this shot looks. I envy the people who live on this canal in many way. Although I love stuff (I mean who am I kidding, just look at this blog), their way of life seems full of content and I’d probably be a lot less stressed if I lived like that. I really want to travel one day and live like this for a while…

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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