Brighton Beach Blues | Outfit

I was in Brighton not long ago and just couldn’t resist the temptation to stop and take some summery outfit of the day photos in front of the sea and the colourful beach huts – so pretty! 

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Upon reaching the seafront I gleefully discovered the gorgeous Brighton beach huts which I’d forgotten even existed as I was so focused on the vast blue sea. I was super happy about this, not only as they’re so pretty to look at in person, but I’ve been making a mental note to find more colourful backdrops for my outfit pictures for ages. I personally love the photography on blogs like, Song of Style, where every element of Aimee’s blog pictures are gorgeous from herself and her outfits to the surroundings and even, often, the floors!

This tee shirt was in my birthday haul video on my YouTube channel, along with lots of other goodies. It’s from River Island and I really love it. The metallic foil effect is very ‘in’ this summer and I love that it’s loose fitting as it doesn’t cling under my arms and make me feel all hot and bothered like t-shirts usually do. 

This bag, this bag, this bag… I will never not love this bag and all its neon, fluffy goodness.

I don’t often wear white (I am not typically a neat, tidy, can-wear-white-without-marking-it kinda person) but, as it’s summer, I thought I’ll give it a go since the stores come out with so many fabulous bright pieces in summer which pop so beautifully against white. Cobalt blue (my favourite colour everrrr) paired with white and then finished with gold accessories is easily my favourite colour combination this season. The deep blue and white together are so cool, crips and fresh and a touch of gold adds just enough warmth to make the whole combination inviting – delicious!

Sunglasses: Asos / Trench: Primark / T-Shirt: River Island / Jeans: Old, customised
Shoes: Converse / Bag: River Island / Watch: Michael Kors Style No. MK5055

These glasses! As I said, I love and gravitate towards anything cobalt blue anyway and the mirrored lenses make them extra bright, perfect for wearing with white (and for taking creative blog selfies).

The beautiful Brighton beach huts in all their glory! <3

I hope you like my outfit photos! Here’s a little link to my last set of outfit of the day pictures if you’d like to see more like these. 

P.S I very nearly entitled this post with a dodgy pun, something around Brighton and all things bright, but I just about managed to resist. Just. I think I should get props for that, don’t you?

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