Deep Purple Eye Makeup | Tutorial

Whilst I’m not ready to embrace the hot drinks and dark evenings that come with Autumn, the makeup is definitely something I can get on board with. Berries and burgundies are my absolute favourite shades to use for makeup so Autumn is easily my favourite season for makeup. It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty post on here so I figured it’s about time that I share. Perfect for the weekend, here’s a striking eye makeup tutorial looks impressive but is actual really easy to do. Step-by-step photo guide after the jump!

First thing’s, first. The key to getting a vibrant, deep, eye shadow colour is to use a white base, especially if you have dark skin. It helps the colours to pop and look more vibrant (quick tip: the same goes for bright nail polishes, especially inexpensive ones which tend to be a bit thin. Use a white colour as the first layer and for an extra pop!). A creamy, white eyeshadow pencil will also help eye shadow to stick to your lids more to prevent fallout (when eye shadow dust falls off your eyelids onto your cheeks – so annoying!).

To apply the white base, first dab the pencil onto your ring finger and then use that finger to

lightly dab colour in the centre of your eyelid. Then using the same finger, gently blend the colour back and fourth until it evenly coats the entire lid. Always use your ring finger when working around your eyes as it is weaker than your index finger and you’ll be less likely to pull the skin which can cause wrinkles – (“boo!”). To avoid the unsightly crease line associated with cream eye shadows, simply avoid taking the white colour onto the crease of your eyelid. Instead, stop just short of the crease as we’re going do put a darker powder there anyway.

Next, load a flat eye shadow brush with a nude colour, I’m using Outre by Mac, and pat this over the white eye shadow (remembering to double tap the handle of the brush on your wrist first to knock out any excess powder. If you have too much on your brush it will just fall of you eyes and onto your check anyway). Use a gently patting motion to press the nude eyes shadow onto the white until it’s completely and evenly covered.

Now, take a blending brush (a fuller, fluffier brush with a more round taper) and gently swirl it into your chosen crease colour. I went for Inglot eyeshadow number 40. When blending colours it’s best to hold your brush about two inches further back from the bristles than feels natural. This helps to prevent you from being heavy-handed it takes a more delicate touch to control the brush at this angle.

Looking down at a mirror on your lap (helps to keep the lids open), position the bristles of the brush in the centre of your eye right on the crease. Using small circular motions, swirl the dark colour outwards along the crease. The further away from the centre you go, the bigger you can make your swirls, moving up towards the brow bone (but never meeting the brow) so that you end up with a nice wing shape. The larger, fluffy shape of this brush will mean that the dark colour should just touch the lighter colour to blend seamlessly. Remember, just using dark eye shadows is all about building slowly so just use a little at first and then keep repeating this step until you’ve got the desired depth of colour and shape.

Finally, finish the look with your favourite mascara. My is Maybelline Define-A-Lash which has sadly been discontinued in the UK buutttt… after reading my favourite blogger Kenza’s makeup post this week, I was reminded that you can buy them on eBay which is exactly what I intend to do. I can’t wait to get my hands on some! I’m gonna get some for my mum too to go towards her Christmas package. She’ll be over the moon, she loves it more that I do. Hope she doesn’t read this post… If she does – oops, sorry mum!

So that’s the look, I hope that you like it! If you like makeup tutorials I have rather a few over on my YouTube channel. I personally find tutorial videos easier to follow but I’m wary of just sticking a load on my blog where people come to read so do let me know what your prefer in the comments below and I will make more!

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