Fresh Mint Leaf Tea | Recipe

The sun has has his hat on in London today and I for one am not quite ready to let go of summer just yet. If you’re with me then this easy recipe is for you! Whilst I love a good hot drink from time to time, (especially when colleagues have the office air conditioning on -100 degress, a gripe I haven’t been shy about voicing on my Twitter account), for me English breakfast tea and hot chocolate evoke a sense of winteriness that I’m just not ready to accept yet.

 Instead, I’m a fan of herbal teas in the warmer months and was recently in a café in London when I witnessed them brew mint tea in the most refreshingly simple way (pardon the pun). Here’s a mint tea recipe that uses fresh mint leaves and will warm you from the inside out without giving you that looming Game of Thrones-esque ‘winter is coming’ feeling.

Step One: Get some mint. You can get mint from most supermarkets, either a mint plant like this one or a smaller packet of mint for less than a pound – bargain! Take approximately ten mint leaves, give them a rinse under cold water,  and then pop them in a glass/mug.

Step Two: Fill with boiling water and then, with a spoon stir the leaves, crushing them slightly to release the flavour. Leave to brew for 2-3 minutes. 

Step Three: Enjoy! You can take out the leaves at this point but I like to leave them in for a deeper flavour.

As a fan of herbal teas I must admit that I’ve always been a tad sceptical of how healthy a plant that’s been kept in bag for months/years can really be so I think that this is a great alternative to tradition mint teabags. If you find yourself with mint leaves left over after this, fear not, I have a fresh mint magical mojito recipe coming up that will put them to good use!

One a sidenote, I’m sooo sorry that I’ve not posted here in a month! My August 2015 archive is going to look very sorry for itself indeed… I do have a very good excuse though; I’ve been very busy sorting something very exciting that I’ll be able to share with you soon. A few of you who’ve I seen recently may already know what it is and I can’t wait to spill!

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