Magical Mexico Part 1

Okay, so I am finally getting around to sharing my photos from my incredible trip to Mexico at the beginning of this year. It’s been a while and I feel like I can finally look at these pictures again without getting absolute life envy of past self during those three weeks I was in the Riviera Maya, so here we go! 

LOTS more photos and a guide of the best places I went after the jump –>>

Our friend, Rhodri, moved to Mexico two years ago and we figured that it was about time that we payed him a visit – I mean it’s only polite right? – so earlier this year we headed to pretty Playa de Carmen on the Riviera Maya for three long, glorious weeks.

Playa itself is a bustling beach town that also has a great mix of shops, restaurants and nightlife. It’s quite tourist-y now so if you’re looking for more of an authentic Mexican experience I wouldn’t necessarily stay here but if you want somewhere lively and central with beautiful beaches, great shopping and more restaurants and bars than you could ever visit in one trip – Playa is your place! There are also lots of great trips that are only a coach ride away from Playa like turtle swimming and the Tulum aka the most peaceful beach town on earth, so it made the perfect base for us.

I do not know what this guy was on but it was SERIOUS. He went around asking everyone for cigarettes and then when he saw we had a camera proceeded to pull a procession of provocative poses for us (as you do…). ODD! 

The sunsets in Mexico are so pretty.
No this isn’t the local park it’s a BEACH BAR!!!

We made friends with Rhodri’s friends while we were there, one of who is D who is now living in London and stayed with us the other week to go to Notting Hill Carnival (we love you D!!!). They are literally some of the nicest, warmest, funniest people I’ve ever met – I miss them all so much!!! They took us to this cool beach bar that had swings for seat – why don’t we have anything this cool in England?!?! If you know of a pub in London with swings for seats please let us all know in the comments section!!

El Castillo in Chichen Itza

On the days when Rhodri had to work his parent were kind enough to act as our tour guides and one day they took us to the majestic Chichen Itza, a pre-Columbian city built by the Mayans. 

The ancient Mayans were such intelligent people, especially when it came to maths and astronomy. It’s definitely something that I would recommend others to read into more, it’s fascinating. We watched some really good films about Mayans while we were in Mexico, one of which was Apocalypto, directed by Mel Gibson, which I found slightly scary but very interesting.

Around Chichen Itza there are street vendors selling all kinds of handmade trinkets made from raw materials. I always try to buy from these places if I can when on holiday as I understand that tourism must had adverse affects for some of these locals so it feels nice to give back by supporting them. We bought a stunning stone mask and a marble chess set. And then we realised that we were already borderline with our luggage weight allowance on the way (I always, always over pack – hey I’m a fashion blogger, what do you expect?!) so I think George ended up carrying them in his hand luggage – fun times!

Of all of the wonders of Mexico, the things which took my breath away the most were the cenotes. I didn’t even know the word ‘cenote’ before we went but it turns out that they’re essentially limestone sink holes that have filled up with the groundwater that was under the surface of the earth to create a natural freshwater pool. Mexico is full of them.

I didn’t jump from the ledge (no way jose, I just have irrational visions of jagged rocks appearing as I fall – I know morbid huh?) so instead I sat on the side and took selfies haha.

Drowned rat chic – very in, trust me.
Yes, there are actual fish in there! They’re pretty small and to be honest you don’t notice them much when you’re swimming – I think they must move away. 

On the way back from Chichen Itza we stopped in the quaint city of Valladolid for a meal. Food and drink in Mexico is considerably more affordable than it is here in London so our money went further on the trip that it usually does in Europe.

Intertwining love seats in the Francisco Cantón Rosado park

We also stopped by an art gallery across the road from the park which featured these paintings representing Mexican history.

Dwarfed by the statues outside of the gallery

We were also lucky enough to be in Playa during the iconic BPM electronic music festival, which was SO MUCH FUN!!! Now it’s no secret that I’m really not a festival fan (see my survival kit here) but festivals in the Caribbean? Whole different kettle of freshly caught fish.

My favourite night was when we went to Day Zero, an all-night festival on a man-made beach in the middle of nowhere. Like up a winding dirt track, need a torch to see your feet, “S**t! What was that rustling in the bushes?” kinda nowhere. (Hey, it still beats the muddy war-path-of-a-trek from the Reading Festival car park to the field any day). And once we arrived at the clearing it was ridiculously cool.

A man-made lagoon, sand, lasers, house and electro music, dancers, a bonfire, hot coal walking (I decided to give that a miss – people looked liked they were in pain haha, but it was still fun to watch) and group cabañas where you just sit, chill and take it all in. It felt SO surreal lying on a giant hammock in the wee hours with the music flowing and the warm Caribbean Sea air around me. Definitely one of my highlights on the trip, I’d go back there in a heartbeat.

Day Zero 

Us and some of the gang at Day Zero <3

I think I was born to live at the beach.

So that’s the end of Part One! I have more photos of our incredible boat trip and overnight stay at the Bacalar lagoon, more beautiful cenotes and of course some incredible Mexican food but I don’t want to overwhelm this page with photos as it will take 100 years to load so I’ll save those for Part Two! As usual, I’ll also put any extra photos on my Facebook page so you can check those out here.

Right, I’m off to finish filming the beauty tutorial I’m working on, followed by my September Favourites video for my YouTube channel. When I’m not blogging you can also keep up with my travels on Instagram and Twitter at @missjadefraser.

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