Very Berry Autumn Beauty Favourites

Wahhhh! I spent hours writing this post earlier this week (photographing, editing, writing my usually witty gold, finding product links and researching dupes…) only to have a technical glitch delete it. CH?!T*?!YN*D?M?! was my reaction at the time, followed by the urge to throw my laptop at the wall. Anyway, I’ve finally cooled off and am willing to attempt take two, so here it is… In favour of Fall (fine, fine, Autumn to us Brits but I’m a writer and ‘Fall’ alliterates better, ‘kay?), I’ve rounded up my favourite berry beauty bits to get us through the cooler months.

Starting from as little as £1, yes £1, this bunch features the full spectrum from high street to high end meaning that there’s something for everyone this season. Read on for the full list!

Starting from top left to bottom right we have…

1. Nails Incs nail polish in Savile Row. I love Nails Inc polishes because they dry quickly and apply opaquely in one coat meaning that they’re perfect lunch break touch ups at work and those all-to-often times when I have to paint my nails on the tube on my way to meet someone as they’re dry by the time I get off!

2. NYC’s City Blackout is a great blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nearly burgundy polish masquerading as black. I looove nail polishes that seem like a simple black at a glance but in the daylight are actually much more complex and pretty. I’ve also just noticed that it boast (up to) 7 days wear which, at a nifty £2.49 each ain’t too shabby. I can’t say that I ever noticed if these last well or (no nail polish ever seems to last on me in all honesty) but I’ll definitely be putting this to the test now that I’m aware so follow me on Twitter for an update.

3. Sephora’s Contour Eye Pencil in Eccentric Diva. On our trip to Barcelona I went a little cray-cray in Sephora one day when George was ill and I was stuck by myself (I know, I know poor me) and in the process I swept up a bunch of these pencils. These are serious. The colour pay-off is wonderfully intense and, once dry, they will not budge. Seriously, check out these swatches in my haul video. I always have a dark one of these in my makeup bags for morning when I’m in a hurry as I can simply swipe across my crease and blend out with my little finger for an instant smoky look. Sephora ship to the UK for a flat rate of £6 but if you prefer to buy your beauty in person, LA Colors, sold in Beauty Base stores here, have some great budget dupes for as little as £1 each.

4. Revlon’s Black Cherry has been my go-to lipstick of this year so you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m taking into Autumn with me. The consistency is creamy so it goes on like a dream and it blends beautifully well meaning that you can wear is a punchy lipstick or blend it out for a subtle lip-stained look. My only tip with this one is top wear it with a lip liner as it’s so creamy that it tends to bleed if applied too close to the lip line.

5. Makeup Revolution’s Vamp Shade is to Revlon’s Black Cherry what NYC’s City Blackout is to Nails inc’s Savile Row – a deeper, sexier shade that’s ideal for after dark. My favourite way to wear this is layered over Barry M’s Lip Paint in Black (it’s just a lipstick, no idea why they call it ‘paint’) which gives that very-nearly-black look that I love so much. I find NYC lipsticks in general quite dry (but hey, at £1 a pop – who’s complaining?) so I just make sure to only wear this on exfoliated and balmed lips to avoid the flaky, dry look.

6. Chanel’s Llévres Scintillantes Glossimer (that’s lipgloss to us common folk) is my guilty pleasure pick for this season. Now I would normally never even dream of spending £22 on a lipgloss but this was a birthday gift, bought for me by my boyfriend on what I highly suspect was a desperate bid to finally get me away from the Chanel counter at House of Fraser on Oxford Street after spending far too long drooling over everything. Once he’d offered to buy something for me I spent another twenty minutes deliberating over what to choose, ‘Woah. This is Chanel. I will probably never shop here again. Must. Choose. Wisely. Ahhhhh!!!!’. I eventually settled on the shade 176 Crushed Cherry as it’s basically a lipgloss version of the Revlon Black Cherry and I’m so glad I did, it’s a great shade. The lipgloss itself is super shiny and applies opaquely but also blends out nicely for a subtle shine if you wish (well it should for £22!).

If you’ve got cash to splash then I really recommend this as it’s always nice to have a little luxury in your makeup bag, but if you’re on a slightly tighter budget then Max Factor’s Lipfinity Colour and Gloss duo in Reflective Ruby is a great colour dupe and you get two for the price on one – score.

7.  Last, but certainly not least, Revlon’s Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Coy is probably *2015 Favourites Spoiler Alert* my favourite beauty product of this year so far (besides my Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation because, well ya know, foundation is the crux and all that). It was a rare, golden goodie bag find after an event (courtesy of the lovely Lauren of @LDNMeetup) and is one of those lipstick-come-lipbalm products that have popped up everywhere in the last couple of years and I must admit that it’s much more fun to keep my lips luscious with a pretty product like this than with a plain old lip balm. Coy is a great shimmery nude shade that goes particularly well with gold, green and blue eyeshadows as well as neutrals, naturally. I keep this in my handbag 24/7 for days when I’ve not had time to do a full face as it’s sheer enough that I don’t even need a mirror to apply it (as you can’t tell if it’s not super neat).

I hope that I’ve given you a spot of seasonal beauty inspiration. I’m filming my September Favourites Video for my YouTube channel this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for that as it’ll be full of not only more beauty but favourite clothes, food and places too!

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