We Be Ballin’ | Outfit

I really want to post more Outfit of the Day shoots like this with an interesting background and a slight theme. We actually tried to shoot another one this weekend and then… I had by bag stolen on the tube but that’s another story. Aaaaanyway, I got this top back in the spring and ever since I’ve been visualising it as part of a sporty outfit with my Nikes and pigtail braids and now, finally, here you go! 

As always, there are more photos after the jump! 

Top: £8 Primark | Jeans £6 H&M (I ripped the knees) | Trainers: Nike (Mens’ colourway, exclusive to Footlocker) | Bracelet: H&M

I looked everywhere for black bubblegum as cool touch for this shot. When I finally thought I’d found a pack with a nice black wrapper, we got to the court, I opened it up and it was… white haha, talk about a let down! Oh well, next time…

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