An Autumn Evening OOTD | Outfit

Hello! Today I’m bringing you an autumnal outfit post from Sunday just gone. I have to say that, despite my worst fears, this winter has been marvellously mild so far (**crosses fingers** – praying I haven’t jinxed it!) so I’ve been making much more use of my lightweight coats like this old season Zara mac which I still love.

What I love most about a mac is how the detailing: contrasting buttons, elaborate collar, waist strap etc. are interesting enough that you can pair it with a relatively simple outfit underneath and still come off looking considered and put together.

Coat: Zara | Leggings: Zara | Shoes: New Look | Bag: H&M | Umbrella: H&M | Watch: Michael Kors | Bangle: H&M | Necklaces: Lisa Taubes

As for accessories, I went for my old faves of course, gorgeous gold accessories to compliment the warm beige colour of my mac. I opted for a nice watch and an elegant gold bangle, rather than any of my chunkier, edgier jewellery as I think that a mac is quite a classic coat and so calls for classic accessories.

I’m really into wearing my nails longer and rounded/pointy at the moment, especially with lots of rings to make it look cooler and less old-ladyish haha. And always with some sort of nail polish. Here I have a on a translucent, iridescent shimmer from Inglot in colour 019.

I think I’ve already told you how I’m having a hard time hacking heels at the moment, so I’ve been on a hunt for stylish flats. These were under £20 from New Look and I really like them as a dressy alternative to heels. The fact that they’re inexpensive also means I can wear them on a night out without worrying about drunk people spilling on them!

As I’ve said before, I think that when it comes to dressing well, the devil is in the details. Little touches like jewellery, hair and makeup all add a sense of you to an outfit beyond what the clothing manufacturers have created. It’s the difference between dressing yourself and styling yourself.

Sorry this set was a little rushed/blurry! We overslept (sooo typical of us) and then had to make a mad dash to take pictures before sunset and this was all we managed to get before it became too dark to shoot at all. I’m off to Valencia next week and have a LOT of birthday celebration nights out this month so expect to see lots more outfit pictures in the coming weeks as well as a new travel diary!

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