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Hi! Here are some outfit pictures George and I shot before we, literally, ran out of the door on Saturday night. We were both going to house parties and, as usual, I’d tried to fit too much stuff in the day and had -5 mins for outfit pictures. Anyway, here you go! The weather was cack at the weekend, as my fellow Britons will know, so we had to shoot indoors but I think the white wall with a black outfit is okay anyway. Not ideal, but we do our best! The weather in Valencia is set to be beautiful (I leave on Weds!) so hopefully I can make up for it with lots of pretty, sunny, outdoor outfit pictures next week. But in the meantime… 

I am obsessed with this lace bra which I nabbed from H&M in their summer sale! It is soooo comfy, literally I accidentally fall asleep wearing it all the time and I think the ‘underwear as outwear’ look is so much fun for a night out. It’s not for everyone I know, but for me the key is to pair it with something high-waisted (not that you can tell here but the skirt is actually a high-waisted pencil skirt) and then I also like to keep my jacket/shirt or whatever top layer on all night so the bra is only ever peeking out. It certainly helps if you have smaller boobs like me as the lack of cleavage makes it look less risqué too IMO. 

I stole George’s bomber jacket again. It’s too big though so I’m seriously considering ordering myself one from somewhere. They’re just a great way of injecting some edge into an outfit and they’re lightweight too so double thumbs up. 

It’s such a shame we didn’t get a good shot showing off the high waist of the pencil skirt under the bomber jacket but hopefully you can imagine it. OMG you have noooo idea how much trouble I went through trying to keep my nails long for this look! My left index nail must have tried to break at least 10 times last week. I feel like I used about a litre of nail glue throughout the week but I just really wanted to have long, pointed, khaki coloured nails with lots of rings for this outfit to add to the street vibe of the bomber jacket. The nail colour is from a brand called Essence sold at Superdrug and it only £1! The colour is much prettier in person, you’ll be able to see it better in my next YouTube video

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I finally bought some earrings! I always lose my nice earrings but cheap ones irritate my ears so I haven’t worn any properly for ages. Then this Saturday I bit the bullet and got myself a gold pair and a silver pair from H Samuel and then guess what – I lost one! Well, almost… When we were about to leave on Saturday I touched my ear and realised one was missing. I nearly had a Kim Kardashian style meltdown but I realised it must be in the flat still and then the next day I saw that I’d been in such a rush to get ready I hadn’t taken the other one out the box – phew! I only have one earring on in all of the photos from this set though haha – what a wolly. Lucky I tend to turn my head to the side so you can’t tell! 

If I ever feel underdressed I just chuck on a load of knuckle rings and I instantly feel like I’ve made much more of an effort. I like to buy cheap rings when I wear these though because knuckle rings never, ever stays on my fingers. I can’t tell you how many times the square one flew across the room while we were dancing on Saturday night.

Fluffy shoes!!! If you watched my October favourites YouTube video (or any YouTube video of mine for that matter) you’ll know how much I LOVE fluffy, soft, accessories so when this fluffy sandal trend came around a while ago I knew I would give in. I already have enough sandals though and didn’t want to have to pay for a whole new pair so instead I’ve designed these stick-on fluff strips for that you can just buy from my online store – yay! They’ll be going on the store this week (I hope, I always have the best intentions and then get behind with stuff) I just have to photograph then nicely so I can list them but if you want a pair before they’re up just email me at

Lipstick: Black Cherry by Revlon | Gold eyeshadow: Amber Lights by MAC | Bronze and brown eyeshadow: Inglot 

My go-to makeup look for day to night. Gold/bronze/brown eyeshadows blended and then a berry lip – love it!

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