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Heyyyy! I’m back from Valencia with LOTS to post about but first, a haul video! These are some super duper pretty, beauty bits I picked up on the cheap recently that I want to share with you. I know that, with Christmas around the corner, lots of us are watching the pursestrings but that doesn’t mean that we can’t treat ourselves to a pretty thang. Or ten…

At first I was gonna film a mega haul video of these and some other things I picked up at the Big Blogger Conference a while back but I exercised restraint when editing (for once) and have instead created two bite-sized 10 minute videos. You are welcome. Click here to watch Part 1. Part 2 will be up later this week, I promise. I probably won’t do a whole other post here on my blog for that one as I have sooo much else to blog about this week but I’ll announce the upload on Twitter so follow me here if you like so you don’t miss that video. Okay, enjoy! Remember to watch in HD for the best quality and, if you like my video, I’d be SO happy if you gave it a thumbs up and subscribed to my channel ready for the next one!

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