DIY Pretty Pink Cocktail | Recipe

Happy Fridayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! To celebrate I’m sharing this pretty cocktail recipe I made up. Particularly useful this weekend when it’s wet and windy in London and not the most enticing night for pounding the pavement. Instead, stop at your Sainburys Local on the way home, invite the girls over and impress them all with your mixology skills while you natter from the cosiness of indoors.

Step by step photo guide after the jump!

So first thing’s first – ingredients! I’ve gone for the following:

Granulated sugar – enough to coat the rim of each glass. I used the pretty pink sugar sparkles from this sprinkles pack from Sainsbury’s but normal white caster sugar or even brown Demerara sugar will do just fine.

Malibu rum

Robinson’s squash in pink grapefruit flavour

Sainsburys sweet and zingy pink lemonade juice drink

Volvic Sparkling in strawberry and raspberry flavour

1 Lemon (optional, to garnish)

Crushed ice (optional, everything is optional really in a cocktail but this part is extra optional)

A shot glass (optional – to measure (if you don’t trust yourself to eyeball it)

Paper straws (unnecessary) – to show off. I ordered mine from eBay, purely for photographic purposes. Very pretty but totally unnecessary and, I’ll be honest, awkward to drink from (there’s a reason pornstar martinis don’t come with them) so if you don’t have any already – don’t bother!!

First, let’s coat the edge of the glass in sugar. To do this I simply got two side plates, one filled with warm water and the other with the sugar. Dip each glass in the water and then the sugar (tipping the glass slightly into the sugar so that it really sticks to the sides of the edges too). Repeat (gently) for an extra nice coating and then proceed to the next step. Quick tip: If you’re having trouble getting your sugar to stick, try honey instead of water for extra grip.

To make this cocktail extra-refreshing (and extra cool, cheesy pun intended) I’m starting off with a 1/3 glass of crushed ice (looks like half but the glass is much wider at the top remember). I just chucked a few cubes in a blender but, if you don’t have one, the old bashing a sandwich bag full of ice with a rolling pin (or the handle of a large serving spoon because really, who has a rolling pin nowadays?) is a great end-of-the-week stress reliever.

If you’re going for non-alcoholic cocktails then feel free to skip this step and just for the mixers but, if you’re after a kick you’ll want to select a base spirit. I’ve gone for Malibu because a) it’s delicious (err, rum with a tropical, coconut-y flavour – what’s not to love?) and b) because it’s clear and therefore won’t spoil the colour of our pretty pink drinks like a darker spirit would. Other good options are plain white rum, gin and vodka if you so prefer. Whatever you choose, add two shots’ worth (or less or more, ya know, it’s casual) but if you like to follow a recipe to a ‘T’ then your martini glass should look three quarters full by now (but will actually only be half full because of the shape of the glass).

Now, in order to get your cocktails pretty and pink, you’re going to want some pink mixers. I found that Sainsbury pink lemonade ‘juice drink’ (sounds healthy huh?) together with Robinson’s barley squash in pink grapefruit offer a really nice refreshing flavour (both zangy and sweet), a satisfying density (no one likes a watery cocktail) and a strong, true pink colour (preeeeetty). If you have an audience I recommend adding the squash first (purely because it’s fun to watch  the darker colours swirl into the lighter drink) but it doesn’t matter really. Add two shots of each of these.

The clear liquid isn’t all Malibu btw, the ice started to melt. I am not an alcoholic!!

Mmmm – pretty right?

Time to top off with Volvic Sparkling in the raspberry and strawberry flavour to add a touch of fizz your fantastic drink. Add this until just underneath the sugar rim so as not to spoil it.

Finally add a slice of lemon to garnish (and a pretty straw if you have one) – et voila! Chic cocktails at a quarter of the going rate.

All of these ingredients cost me less than £15 (the Malibu was a £8.50 for 35cl) and are enough to make at least 8 alcoholic cocktails (with juice left over) meaning the drinks work out at less than £2 each. Malibu is on offer at Sainsbury right now too, 70cl for a tenner so just think, if your group of gal pals (or guy pals, yes, we see you sipping cocktails on the sly!) were to each pitch in £5, four of you could buy enough ingredients to make 16 cocktails. That’s 4 cocktails each – for a fiver!!! Beat that Shoreditch. 


P.S. Sorry about the funky fonts in this post, I’m working on fixing it. I wrote the steps out in Word first and then copied and pasted the text across and, well, let’s just say that I won’t be doing that again!

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