Last Night’s Look | Halloween Makeup

Heyyyy, I hope you all had a great Halloween! I thought I’d check in and show you the makeup I did last night, a Mexican candy skull look with blue and green accents. 

I’m sure, like me, you’ve all seen these all over Pinterest and they’re just so pretty I thought I’d give it a go! Although they can look kinda scary, the candy skulls, or Calaveras, originate from the Mexican Dia de Muertos holiday during which people celebrate the lives of loved ones passed so it’s actually really nice sentiment.

On this day people give out decorative little skulls made of candy and I guess people started decorating their faces like the candies and so started the tradition…

I love how the candy skull makeup represents both life and death together with the skeleton-esque sculpting and then the bright, colourful accents and pretty flowers and swirls. It’s beautiful in an en eerie way. That’s what I love most about Halloween, the idea of making something fun and enjoyable out of things that are otherwise a bit scary. That’s why scary/pretty costumes are definitely my favourite for Halloween costumes. Although this candy skull look is kinda creepy,  I love it! What did you guys go as? 

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