My Under £100 Christmas Wish List

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1. ASOS Sleek Minimal Watch in White, £22. After years of coveting the chunky, elaborate watches of Mr Michael Kors (I still wear my MK5055 like, err day), I’m now slightly obsessed with the sleek, minimalist silhouettes offered up by the likes of Daniel Wellington. Now, while I can’t really justify spending £159 on another luxury watch (or asking anyone to spend that on me), I can sleep happily having dropped a few hints about this budget baby from ASOS. I can imagine it looking really pretty with some gold nails wraps and thin knuckle rings and the combo of gold and white will take me nicely into spring.

2. Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette, £38. These have been clawing at my annual wish lists pretty much ever since they became a thing years ago but I could never settle on which one of the three Naked palettes I wanted… Well, I’ve been watching a lot of Made in Chelsea re-runs lately (thank you Saturday morning London Live) and having ogled the girls’ makeup for long enough, I am now itching to play with some dusty pinks and rose golds. Yes, after years of deliberating, I’ve finally settled on the number 3 palette. Come to mama!

3. Ingot Eye Shadows in 399 (rose pink), 48 (dusty pink), 67 (purple), £5 each. Don’t fancy spending £38 on eyeshadows? I looove Inglot eyeshadows because they’re great quality, super affordable and they have a shade range to rival the likes of MAC but at half the price. Remember all those multi eye shadow palettes you’ve owned and only use one or two shades of? Well, Inglot’s freedom palette system means that you can buy their empty palettes and build them up into you dream selection, no wastage necessary. The only drawback is that they don’t have many stores in the UK but they do have an online store which you can order from. Winning. These three shades would go really nicely with the neutral browns I already have in my palette.

4. Office Trouble Highback Point Courts, £72. Black court shoes are a style staple for any heel-lover and a bit of digging lead me to these bad boys. They’re nice and high like I like ’em and the tall, scalloped back is sooooo pretty. These would look great paired with my mono, suedette, animal print, mini skirt. Very Cruella de Vil but in a, ya know, non puppy killing way. They’d also look great with my light wash skinny jeans, a strappy top and a blazer for those odd days when I’m not channeling Disney villains.

5. Chanel Chance Perfume, £48.50. I struggle to put into words how deliciously feminine and sophisticated I find the Chanel Chance Perfumes. I already have Chance Eau Tendre (the pink one) which is a softer, more floral and springy edition but this one, the original, is heavier and oozes sophistication. I’ve always loved sweet, girly fragrances but now that I’m approaching the big 2-5, it’d be nice to expand my collection with a more mature scent to wear in the evening and this one is the bees knees. I suck at describing fragrances so instead I’ll just recommend that you sample the smelly goodness for yourself next time you’re passing a perfume store.

6. MADE by Jade Scented Dessert Candle, £12. Okay, okay, so yes this is from my accessories store, MADE by Jade, and so technically I don’t need anyone to buy me one but I do need to make myself some more because I’ve burned through my personal stash. Few things make me happier on the cold, dark winter evenings than coming in from work, lighting one of these and filling my flat with the smell of warm gingerbread, vanilla or hot fudge ready to snuggle into my PJs with a cup of hot chocolate and a film. Yes, this one will be a gift to myself. Next week I’m also adding my new cinnamon donut candle (complete with adorable edible-looking, mini donuts with sprinkles) and a gingerbread cookies candle (complete with a gingerbread cookies in ‘milk’ design) to the store so check back for those, they make such thoughtful gifts! I offer Free UK Delivery and worldwide shipping and you can get 20% OFF all orders at the moment with the code BLOGMAS at the checkout – enjoy!

7. Zara Combined City Bag in Sky Blue, £35.99. This bag has been catching my eye during every sporadic (and fruitless) window shopping session on for seasons now. The fact that it’s still on there means someone must really, really want me to have it so who am I to resist? The cornflower blue colour is just darling and will look really pretty against white. It’s also going to look reeeally pretty with a cobalt blue MBJ pom pom swinging from it. Dunzo. In the words of Taylor Swift, ‘you belong with meeee’.

8. Le Specs Half Moon Magical Sunglasses, £35It may well be winter but the sun still likes to get his hat on every now and then and I, for one, want to be prepared with an array of stylish sunnies. These from Le Specs have a cat eye that’s pronounced enough that it’s stylish without going full-on Gaga. I’d wear them with a top knot and dark lipstick, keeping them tucked into the neck of my tee (never on the top of the head – it stretches them), ready for the rays.

9. Zara Tote with Metallic Handle, £29.99. I could really, really do with a laptop bag but, in my opinion, the padded, plastic versions usually on offer are so grotesque it hurts. Luckily for me, Zara can always be relied upon for stylish options for the city-goer and this bag, with its cross body and top handle straps, is no exception. The sleek silhouette means it won’t detract from my outfit like a traditional laptop monstrosity bag would and it’s rooomy enough that I can fit my charger, notebook and few other essentials in there too. Perfect!

10. Adidas Superstar 80s ‘Metallic’, £79. in Gold & Off WhiteI keep seeing these around the internet (okay, mainly on Pinterest) and I’ve decided that it must be a sign from above that I’m destined to own them. At first I was a bit apprehensive about them because they’re SO gold and, well, kinda loud but I’ve decided recently that life is for living and, as a fashion blogger especially, if I like something I should just go for it, wear it and release my inner Carrie every single day. Not that Carrie Bradshaw would have been caught dead in gold Adidas but still, you know what I mean… If I should be so lucky as to get my hands on a pair, I think they’d look great with cuffed white skinny jeans and a white logo tee or all black anything. I’d also buy gold laces for them because I’m a sucker for being matchy-matchy and the white ones would annoy me when paired with black outfits. It’s all about the detail. (Also Reggie from the X Factor was wearing them on stage today so clearly that’s another sign).

11. Same again but in Black and Pewter, £84.99. The Adidas Superstars again but this time in this gorgeous black and gunmetal colour to go with all my black and gunmetal MADE by Jade pieces. These would look killer with any monochromatic outfit like a white print tee under black dungarees and I’m also fantasising about rocking them with my black boyfriend blazer, a black V-neck tee and some black pencil trousers because non-formal shoes with a suit are where it’s atttt.

12. ASOS East Meets West Chelsea Boots I have wanted some chunky Chelsea boots for enough years now that I feel like I can commit to the trend with them being a fad that will eventually go unworn. There ones from ASOS not only have a gloriously pronounced tred (the jagged track on the sole), but they’re also extra high for long, leans legs and the sleek, ever-so-slightly pointed toe makes them feminine and sexy as well as being edgy – love!

Right, I’m off to email this to everyone I know. Maybe even some people I don’t know – that’s how Secret Santa works right? I hope I’ve inspired some additions to your own wish lists!

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