2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Winter Wonderland just a few week ago (why does Christmas have to be over? Whyyyyyyy!?!)

Happy 2016 people!!! Yes, this is my very first post of the year. I took some time out from, well, everything really to revaluate my work (and overall life) strategy. Well, the festivities are over (sad face but blog post about how we can combat that coming soon), the new year is well under way and I’m back and better than ever baby! Which brings me nicely onto my first resolution:

And, more importantly, to blog even better than I did last year. I’m, for the most part, quite happy with the blogging advancements I made last year – I got a sexy new blog design and went for quality over quantity which allowed me to up my photography game which I’m really proud of, but this year it’s volume all the way! Not because I’m desperate to pump out content, but because I just have sooooo many ideas and I don’t want to miss a single opportunity to share an outfit, makeup look, recipe, holiday or anything else with you guys right here.

My entire blog schedule for the whole of January and February is already full to the brim and, admittedly, my head hurts slightly at the thought of planning and executing all of the posts but I just can’t not share them all – trust me I’ve opened my planner at least five times with the intention of deleting posts, only to end up just moving things around and ultimately adding more!! BUT it’s all good. I’m actually super, SUPER excited to everything with you *insert wide, toothy grin emoji here* (I tried, blogger didn’t like it) so watch this space – there will be LOTS more exciting content!!

Many of you probably know that I have a pretty online store, MADE by Jade, where I sell my own hand-crafted scented dessert candles, framed quotes, jewellery, phone cases… I could go on! The store has always been kind of a hobby, sitting there on the back burner behind all of the other gazillion things I have going on, but actually I think my stuff is really pretty and I should make the most of it. I’ve been sitting on a long list of products I want to add to the store for ages now like pretty blog planners and even more deliciously scented candles so I’ve decided this year I’m gonna go for it! I’m always looking for bloggers to review my things by the way, so if you’re interested please do tweet me!

With all of these big work plans, I often find myself wavering and wondering – am I doing the right thing? Am I really naive to think that I can ‘make it’ as a full-time blogger and have a successful online store and work for myself and be free and happy? Is that ridiculous? Am I asking too much? am I worthy? It’s at these times that I find myself actually toying with the idea of resigning myself to a ‘normal’ 9-5 job in an office somewhere forever (in fact my worst nightmare when I think about it sensibly) or, worse, crawling under the covers never to emerge again. I usually then waste a few hours re-writing the pros and cons list I’ve written 100 times already, going over all of the ways following my dreams would make me happy and all of the reasons why it might not work. In the end, I always decide to follow them anyway because not trying simply isn’t an option for me.

The thing is, if I cut out all of this faffing and fretting and just barreled onwards and stuck with my original plan of going for gold, I’d probably get there a lot sooner (and with fewer grey hairs down the line no doubt!). So, I am resolving myself to stop all of the doubt and angst and to simply believe in myself because I know I can achieve everything that I want to. I just have to keep going because, as the saying goes, if you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never get it. And because I tend to be forgetful, and doubtful and just a little bit stupid at times, I’ve pinned a bunch of inspiring little saying like this here on my Words of Wisdom Pinterest board to remind me of what I already know. Feel free to have a browse and pinch a few sayings for your own memory, it helps.

Bit of a boring one this, well no, actually I take that back. Saving for the future should be fun, (I mean, stacking up piles of money to spend at a later date – what’s not to love?) but I find it a tad boring because, honestly, I don’t know much about it. When to save, when to spend, when to invest (what even is investing really?) and how to secure myself a nice little fund so that if I’m lucky enough to live to be an OAP, I won’t be living under a bridge and surviving on Super Noodles. Of course, in the meantime there are also things like houses, babies and perhaps the big W to consider. The though of getting a strappy stilleto onto the property ladder makes most of us weak at the knees and the thought of reading up on all of the do’s and don’t make us want to sleep (or shop – ‘shall we just blow it all instead?’) but lucky for you, you’ve got little old me to talk you through it. Yes, this year I’m committing myself to learning the ins and out of those very boring important, very grown up things and then relaying them back to you in my usual, light-hearted, witty, charming way over bitesize blog posts. You are welcome. Btw (yes, I will continue to type colloquially this year, I care not about perfect grammar because, like it or not, you readers are my friends and this is how I talk to my friends) so, btw if there are any grown up topics you’d like me tackle on my blog this year, or perhaps you’d even prefer a YouTube video, please do tweet me or leave a comment here asking and I shall add them to my ever-growing list!

This one sort of goes without saying really, a) because I barely made any videos last year *smacks self on back of hand* and b) because I’m blogging more so, naturally, accompanying YouTube videos are a must for me (I’m a informer, I like to help people and that’s often easier to do on video). Indeed, I’m aiming to post two videos a week this year, some chatty e.g. What’s In My Bag? (oldie but goodie), some Monthly Favourites videos (I don’t do them every month though or it feels forced) and some more informative e.g. healthy cooking recipes, styling tips and general ‘let’s get out lives together!’ motivational videos on organisation etc. I’m also hoping to vlog a lot more this year – woop woop! I say hoping because pretty much everyone I know is camera shy but, all being well, I should have a lot more free time from April onwards so you’ll hopefully be seeing a lot of casual, every day, ‘this is what I’m up to’ type vlogs and we all know I looove to chat so I don’t think I’ll be short on content for those. Keep your eyeballs on my YouTube channel this year and feel free to bully me on Twitter if I’m slacking!

That’s it! Just five. Again, I’m embracing the quality over quantity thing because I’d rather have five resolutions that I really take seriously and stick to than twenty that I forget by the end of January. Of course there are the obligatory others I’ll try to stick to like ‘workout more’, ‘be more organised’ etc. but, honestly, if I can end 2016 having got just these five down I will be one happy chica. Until, tomorrow (yep that’s right, the next post is going up mañana – I told you, I am on it this year!

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