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When the weather gets cold and gloomy it can be tempting to hole up inside with a hot chocolate and a good book (okay who am I kidding? Trash tv…) and wait for warmer days.  As tempting as that often is, I’m a big believer in being as sociable as possible whatever the weather, so when we were invited to a roller disco in London’s Southbank on Saturday I put two jackets on and jumped at the chance!  

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I’d forgotten all about the mere existence of roller discos until I was invited out for a friend’s birthday this week so I had no idea about this little gem hidden under Hungerford Bridge in London’s Southbank. BUMP is a pop-up roller disco that appeared at London’s Southbank Centre over Christmas to keep us entertained in the winter months.

They were playing a mix of current chart tunes and throwback R’n’B like Destiny’s Child and Sisqo which was really fun to (attempt to) skate-boogie to. As you can see below, it did kind of live up to its name with more than a few people taking a tumble during the hour long session. Actually, we ended up only being in there for about half an hour (as the London tubes were on one for a change…) but we didn’t mind as it turned out be quite the workout and we were rather tired and sweaty after thirty minutes!  

(Not me – thank god!)

I managed to stay upright the entire time (mwahaha) although I must thank my boyfriend for that because he did save me from falling once. In my defence it wasn’t my fault, some maniac woman swerved off the side rail straight into my path – it’s true!!! Seriously, nothing enrages me more than people who aren’t spatially aware; fellow skaters, drivers, people who stop suddenly one the pavement, blissfully unaware of the fact that you were about two milliseconds from crashing into the back of them (I swear, I have cursed the back of so many people’s heads in my lifetime…). Children are the real maniacs at a roller disco though, absolutely no concept of danger! Anyway, by the end of the session I’d learned to embrace the pop-up children like a fun element of a video game.

Wearing my new favourite winter jacket! I’ll show you a close up shot of it in another post. I wrapped up extra warm because our friend had told us the rink was kind of outside but ten minutes in I had to check both jackets, hat and gloves and was just wearing a strappy vest top. I was also sooo stoked when the lady gave me GOLD skates instead of the plain black ones. It’s like she knew… In reality I think she probably saw me staring longingly at them paha. You can see a better picture of them on Instagram. The wheels on them light up when they spin too – so pretty! 

After all the fun of the disco we said bye to our friends and took a romantic little stroll along the Thames to admire the view. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times but I really do take London a tad for granted because I live so close. I can’t even remember the last time I went to Southbank. We also stumbled across some really nice restaurants and bars in the area so we’re going to venture back one weekend soon for dinner and drinks.

Unfortunately, I’ve just had a google and it looks like this past weekend was the end of BUMP’s London run (though they still operate in Bristol if you’re nearby). Don’t you just hate how all of these cool things like this and Winter Wonderland appear for just a few weeks around Christmas only to disappear as soon as all of the fun and festivity at home is over and we really need fun things to do? 

Fear not though!!! ‘Tis my job to keep you informed of any and all things cool and affordable in London so I’ve scouted some others out for ya. Skating Haven in Newham, East London, are re-opening in February with Skate Sundays from 1-4pm (perfect for burning off a fry up) whilst Razza Roller Disco seem to hold events in quite a few venues across the South East. We really enjoyed it! I really hope that all of this has inspired you to suggest something a little different next time you and your pals are stuck for places to go! 

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