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I’ve never really been one to indulge in the January sale shopping phenomenon. Mostly because a) Christmas usual renders me pitifully penniless meaning zero funds for shopping and b) the idea of trawling through chaotic rails of random rejects the shops couldn’t shift, only to find the one wonderfully, gloriously beautiful thing there… and then to realise that it’s five sizes too small *cue mini breakdown* has never really appealed to me…

However this year, on a particularly cold and frosty evening on my way home I found myself slipping into the side door of my local Debenhams just to see if they had anything good. Ha, ‘just to see’, as if any woman has ever entered any shop with the sole intention of simply looking and not purchasing something perfect should it come her way. Which is exactly what happened to me…

I’ve been after a pair of pointed pumps for the longest time now, oggling this particular pair of beauties from Aldo and these from Office (seen in my Under £100 Christmas Wish List post). Realising that the sales were on, I ventured into Aldo last week (it really is becoming a habit) to try my luck and they were on sale at £30 but sadly not in my size. Anywhere. Across the country or on their website (I asked and double-checked myself, ya know, just in case they had just missed them). Alas, it just wasn’t meant to be.

And so I did some browsing online looking for an alternative but all of the comparable styles just weren’t right. Not tall enough, not pointed enough, not cheap enough… I toyed the idea of buying the closest ones but realised they just weren’t what I wanted and I’d come to despise them after a while (yes, trust me, you can despise clothes). Then one day, I was checking in on one of my favourite fashion blogs, Song of Style and Aimee was wearing the most beautiful teal, suede Louboutins. I got thinking about how amazing her use of colour is and how it’s much more fun and individual to add colourful accessories than boring old black anyway (chic as it is) and how I’ve been meaning to channel Mindy Kaling and her rainbow wardrobe and so I decided; I would get some coloured pumps because it’s just so much more fun.

I never thought for a second when I ventured into Debenhams that very evening that I would find a nice pair, much less ones in my size and even less at the ridiculous price of £11.70!!! But there they were sat at the back all shiny, and pretty in pink. So I snapped them up. I think I’m going to debut them at the LDN meet up in Ice Bar/Dirty Martini no Monday. Comment below if you’re going to that btw, I will make sure to come and say hey!

As for the bag, well that was sort of an impulse buy in that I wasn’t planning on getting one this month buttt… the H&M bag I showed in this post has finally kicked the bucket (the handles are literally one or two wears away from snapping).

I had already decided I would replace it something of a studier quality, and therefore probably in a higher price range, and I’ve been perusing sites like Fiorelli and have even looked in Debenhams before but never found something quite right. Again, they were either poorly constructed, too huge, not the right colour, too pricey… (I wanted something under £100). And then bish, bash, bosh I walk right into this baby.

There was also another lovely, slightly larger Kurt Geiger bag that I was toying with getting ( if you’re quick, you can see it here on my Twitter page) but I went with this one because it’s small enough that it doesn’t look strictly like a work bag so I can wear it to dinner and/or drinks without feeling like my outfit is being overwhelmed by it. It has top handles as you can see (always chic), a cross body strap (a must), and I think that all of the zippers and pretty gold detailing, such as the Carvela stamp, make it look more high-end and comparable to something from Prada (well, a girl can dream…).

It’s not the biggest, owing mostly to all of the zipped compartments but I like those as when I fall asleep on the tube with my mouth open, it will make my things less accessible to pickpockets. I was umming and ahhing about the potential size issue (that’s what she said) in the store but decided that it would actually help me to get over my chronic issue of overpacking my bag with items, 75% of which I have never put to use outside of my front door. Since my multiple makeup bags will have to go, it will also force me to get up on time in the morning and do all of my makeup at home rather than manically applying mascara on the tube every morning (yes, I am that person, I like sleep okay?) so I like to think that this bag is helping me to streamline my life. That’s how I’m justifying the purchase anyway. Not that I have to justify it at £49, not too shabby for saying that it’s Kurt Geiger.

The jacket. Ohhhh this jacket. AKA the Yeti jacket as a friend’s mother once referred to it as – thanks Aileen haha. No but really, it’s probably a bit of a marmite peace but I, of course, LOVE it. It’s on-trend (not that I concern myself with such things but it’s an added bonus), it’s soooo freaking warm and yet really lightweight. I love that it’s jacket length rather than coat length like some styles I saw, because it’s casual enough that I can wear it with some nice black trainers and jeans but the fact that it’s faux fur ‘dahhhling’ also means that it’s ladylike enough to wear to dinner, over an evening gown (because, ya know, I go to sooo many balls) or over an LBD on a night out.

But the best part? It cost me £13. Yes, THIRTEEN POUNDS from TK Maxx. Bargain hunter, at your service. You can see one way in which I styled it last weeknd in my last post when we went to a ROLLER DISCO. So. Much. Fun.

I actually do feel really proud that I’ve kicked off the year by doing just what I aim to do here on my blog which is to find and share beautiful, stylish pieces at realistic and affordable prices. And there are plenty more where those came from, in fact, I’m off to film a couple of money saving beauty/fashion tutorial videos I have planned for my YouTube channel right now. I’m out tonight (Camden I think) and I have, of course, spent far too long writing about four times as much as I meant to on this post so I’m behind schedule – gotta go!! Kisses xx

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