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As promised – a new outfit of the day post! This is my ideal kind of work outfit for a laid back office but for those of you with stricter dress codes, just switch the trainers for heels or smart flats when you arrive et voila – office ready in a flash! 

As always, lots more photos when you click ‘read more’:

I kind of, sort of, went off leather jackets a while ago. Mostly because everyone and their cat seemed to be wearing them (okay maybe just my friends…) but I guess, after a break from them, I’ve come around to the idea of them again, especially now that I have a new one :). 

I only bought this jacket in November and unfortunately the stitching on the shoulder unravelled after only two wears so I now have to return it. Im not sure if it’s just an odd faulty one or if the design is flawed but lucky for me it turns out that my parents had gotten me one for Christmas anyway so I had a back up – yay! I’ll show you my new one in another outfit post soon, it has studs so it’s cooler than this one :P.

I loooove styling my leather jacket with lots of chunky silver jewellery like these rings. I aaaalways lose knuckle rings though, they just seem to fall off a lot, so I only ever buy inexpensive multipack ones from H&M that I know I won’t miss as much when I do (although it’s still annoying!).

You know I love to mix and match styles. It’s an easy way to keep your look individual, so pairing a masculine jacket and sporty trainers with an sexy, fitted, feminine pencil skirt is so me. BTW I did have trainer socks on with these (never wear trainers without socks or they’ll smell *eww*) but, as usual, they had fallen down. That never stops being irritating… When will someone please design socks with rubber grips at the tops to prevent that? 

Jumper: TopShop | Skirt: H&M | Trainers: Nike Air Max 90s via Footlocker | Bag: Old Gift but Similar Here: http://goo.gl/R2euoT and Here: http://goo.gl/1rnZFQ | Jacket: River Island via ASOS (but the stitching unravelled so I’ll show you my new one soon, recommend that instead!)

I’m loving dark lipstick this winter. This one is Revlon’s Black Cherry (really creamy consistency, definitely recommend these) with a little black lipstick blended in with it to deepen the shade. I’m currently using a black one from Barry M which is fine for the price but a little chalky so I’m on the hunt for one that applies more smoothly. 

Gunmetal Luxe Link Necklace: from my hand crafted collection, Made by Jade here: http://www.madebyjade.co.uk

Did you notice I did my nails black with a silver accent nail to match my outfit? I think that little details like that really pull an outfit together! 

I doubt I’d get away with this outfit this weekend tbh as the weather has been distinctly colder – I wore two jackets out today. Two! I’ve heard bloggers in other countries talk about wearing loads of jumpers or a jacket under a coat before and thought, ‘woah, how much would that suck?’ and then there I was today… It was only about 5 degrees celsius though, other places get so much colder than England, so I can’t really complain. I didn’t mind too much anyway as we went to a really fun roller disco in central London tonight so we warmed up pretty quickly. I took pictures so I’ll show you those soon but now it’s time to snuggle up in bed with a glass of Baileys and some Making a Murder – toodles! 

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